Cookies Rolling Tray 2.0 Red Limited Edition

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All Rolling Needs Satisfied In One Tray

Our wholesale Cookies Rolling Tray 2.0 Red Limited Edition is one of the top quality products that roll out from the Cookie factory, and it won’t disappoint your customers. The smell and aroma of baked foods have always gone beautifully with herbs. That’s probably the reason why herbs baked in brownies are so popular. 

There are a few things your customers need from their rolling trays, and we can guarantee that this product ticks all those boxes. 

Clean Build, Smooth Rolling

The first thing your customers would need is a wide tray. With that extra space, they can easily roll their processed leaves to their heart’s content. Our product satisfies that need. It is 32 x 17 x 3cm long and wide. This gives a wide area that is sufficient for all your customers’ needs. 

The next would be an additional compartment with which to store other accessories like grinders. We’ve got them there too. There’s a separate compartment on the tray that can house a grinder. There are also several holes along the sides that can contain the already rolled wraps.     Clutter would be a thing of the past. 

The last would be portability and durability. This product is made from high-grade plastic, designed to be light and yet durable enough to shrug off damage. The Cookies Rolling Tray 2.0 Red Limited Edition is only 0.210kg heavy, and you can be sure that it would last long with your customers.

Take advantage of our exclusive low prices and enjoy a boost in sales and profit numbers in your store. Place your order today. 

Data Sheet

Weight 0,210 kg
Dimensions 32 × 17 × 3 cm