Euro bills tips filters display (100pcs/display)

100 pieces
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In stockAvailable

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Beautiful & Functional Filter Tips

The Euro bill tips are a really sought-after brand and it isn’t hard to see why. These tips are beautiful and functional, making them ideal for your loyal patrons. 

Are you looking to stock your shop with high-grade filters? Try our wholesale Euro bills tips filters display (100pcs/display). Their slim design and high performance ensure your customers get all the smooth and clean goodness and longer sessions they’ve always desired in their herb rolls. 

Product Features

High-grade filters

Beautiful and functional

Effectively filters our tar, harsh, and other potentially harmful by-products. 

Enhances your customers’ relaxation time with smoother and cleaner filters

A Perfect Blend of Functionality, Reliability and Aesthetics

In terms of creativity and design, these tips are truly one of a kind.  Customers will certainly get intrigued by the uniqueness and originality of the design. Looks aside, the product is effective in filtering out potentially harmful byproducts.  

The product packaging is intuitive. Thanks to their quality and reliability, they will certainly be flying your store shelves.

Enjoy guaranteed higher store sales and profit margins when you order our wholesale Euro bills tips filters display (100pcs/display). At our special discount rates.

Data Sheet

Weight 1,275 kg
Dimensions 12,5 × 18,5 × 7 cm
Pieces per display

100 pieces