Hanf Natur Bio Hemp Spaghetti Vegan (250g)

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Hanf Natur Bio Hemp Spaghetti Vegan (250g)

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Watch This Healthy Spaghetti Fly Off Your Shelves!

Your spaghetti-loving clients should not keep having the regular refined pasta with its high carb content and low fiber levels. They also should not give up on their love for this delicacy. The best solution to their dilemma? Our wholesale Hanf Natur Bio Hemp Spaghetti.

Like other hemp alternatives, this hemp-flavored alternative to the typical pasta is a much healthier option. Made from durum wheat and hemp-flavored flour, this spaghetti is rich in minerals, essential amino acids, vitamins, fats, and much-needed fibers.It has a lower carbohydrate percentage than usual spaghetti, thereby helping to lower and maintain your customers’ cholesterol levels.

Give Your Vegan Customers A Treat

Our wholesale Hanf Natur Bio Hemp Spaghetti Veganis the perfect solution for vegan customers and other customers with specific dietary needs. This organic spaghetti is dairy and gluten-free and doesn’t taste like all the joy has been sucked out of it. It is just as delicious as regular spaghetti or even more delicious because of its distinctive nutty flavor.This nutty flavor comes from the hemp seeds used to make the hemp flour and is a tell-tale sign of the high nutrient content of this spaghetti.


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Dimensions 7 × 8,5 × 25 cm

Hanf Natur

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Vegan, Bio

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