Harmony E-Liquid Pineapple Express 300mg CBD (10ml)

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Harmony E-Liquid Pineapple Express 300mg CBD (10ml)

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Terpene Flavored Pineapple Express E-Liquid

Our wholesale Harmony E-Liquid Pineapple Express 300mg CBD (10ml) is a fruity classic blending notes of mango and perfectly ripe pineapple together with woody undertones. Potent, flavorsome, and long-lasting, this premium CBD e-liquid is ideal for your more experienced customers.

The Pineapple Express strain is a popular and tasty Sativa-dominant variety. The strain gets its name from the moisture-laden atmospheric current that delivers rainfall to the United States west coast from tropical Hawaii. It has a characteristic terpene profile that features high concentrations of sweet Myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene. Harmony e-liquids easily outclass the competition thanks to the brand’s dedication to quality and expertise. The brand ensures that each of its e-liquids has a consistent CBD concentration by submitting the finished products for third-party lab testing monthly.

Tasty Sativa Dominant Selection

Harmony is a pioneer in hemp, creating innovative E-Liquids that bring the full potential of cannabinoids to your customers. The CBD used in this CBD e-liquid is extracted from hemp plants cultivated organically by farmers all over Europe. Unlike THC, this CBD contained in Harmony’s e-liquid does not produce hallucinogenic effects.

Harmony E-Liquid Pineapple Express 300mg CBD (10ml) combines the best of nature and technology. The liquid is created by combining premium quality CBD oil, natural terpenes, and PV/VG. The product has a characteristically spicy terpene profile. It features earthy Caryopyllene and a spritz of tangy Limonene. It also contains the sweet Myrcene.

The terpenes contained in these products not only lend them flavor but also serve a functional purpose. In what is known by scientists as the entourage effect, the terpenes combine with CBD to give an effect that is more profound than both products if they were on their own.


Here are some of the most notable features of this CBD e-liquid:

  • Pineapple express flavor
  • Medium CBD strength
  • Available in a 10ml Bottle
  • Contains 300 mg. of CBD
  • Fruity Pineapple Flavour
  • Lab Certified to Guarantee Quality
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Zero percent THC

Ingredients: CBD 300mg, terpenes, PG/VG



Weight 0,02 kg
Dimensions 2,5 × 2,5 × 7,5 cm


CBD (mg)

300mg CBD

Content (ml)


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