Haze Cannabis Incense Sticks – Strawberry Scented (6packs/display)

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Haze Cannabis Incense Sticks - Strawberry Scented (6packs/display)

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Add Sweet Notes To The Day With These Sticks

Who doesn’t love having a sweet smell around them? Do you know that Cannabis and Strawberry make a unique combination, giving off a pleasant and sweet fragrance? Well, now you know because the Wholesale Haze Cannabis Incense Sticks – Strawberry Scented have shown us just exactly how it can be!

Wholesale Haze Cannabis Incense Sticks – Strawberry Scented lives up to its name, as it has a strong aroma of strawberries coupled with the perfect blend of cannabis accompanying it. These special sticks guarantee the most pleasurable yet aromatic scent your customers have ever experienced, so stocking up on these goodies will do you real good!

The Wholesale Haze Cannabis Incense Sticks – Strawberry Scented, when lit up, gives off a soothing fragrance, sending in positive energy and vibes to the atmosphere as a result of the cannabis flavour found in it. This incense instantly fills the atmosphere where it is lit. Your customers will find these properties very relaxing and will come back for more once they’ve exhausted the ones they’ve purchased from you.

As opposed to some cheap incense sticks found around, the fragrance from this unique blend won’t fade away after a few burns but will last till the very end of the stick. Falling in love with Wholesale Haze Cannabis Incense Sticks – Strawberry Scented for every user is guaranteed because not only would they get long-lasting fragrances, but they will also get good value for their money on every purchase. Get ready to steal the hearts of new buyers and retain the trust of your customers when you shop for these items from us, and of course, you know what it means for you: Much more sales!

Quality For Every Stick Produced And Used

While this special stick boasts of all the goodness found in it, another feather in its cap is that they are produced by a company that is known for its integrity and strength. The Haze Holland brand has made a name for itself in this industry, and they have produced many top-notch and superior cannabis-related products and accessories. Your customers can rest assured that these sticks are of high quality and the ingredients used in their production are of the best quality.

Also, as a result of these products being made from high-quality cannabis, they may offer excellent benefits such as calming your customers when they are used, promoting deep relaxation, relieving stress, and creating the perfect atmosphere for them to loosen up after every hectic day.

Don’t be laid back anymore. Order our Wholesale Haze Cannabis Incense Sticks – Strawberry Scented to enjoy fabulous benefits.

Additional Information

    • Sticks per Pack- 15
    • Packs per Carton- 6


Weight 0,245 kg
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 30 cm
Pieces per display

6 pieces




THC Free

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