Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps Blunt Manic (25pcs/display)

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Juicy Jay's Hemp Wraps Blunt Manic (25pcs/display)

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A Natural Way To Roll

Everyone wants to enjoy their smoking sessions in the most natural and healthy way possible. The wholesale Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps Blunt Manic will give your customers a natural way to smoke with paper made purely of hemp. Yes, it’s purely made of hemp, no tobacco or nicotine present, and your customers would love it. And because there’s neither nicotine nor tobacco, your customers can’t get addicted to these organic wraps.

These wholesale Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps Blunt Manic come in an exquisite mango-papaya flavour. This flavour ensures that your customers have a sweet experience that will keep them engaged and wanting more. What’s even better is, that these wraps are made using a triple-dip flavour system. This system makes the flavours to relax harsher strains, giving your customers an even calmer experience when they use them. This means that those your customers who only use hemp for the sole purpose of its health benefits and don’t really like the hemp taste would love these flavoured wraps.

Smooth and Slow Burn

The wholesale Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps Blunt Manic has the added advantage of burning slowly and evenly. Burning slowly means that it’ll last longer. Your customers would find great joy in this quality. They will find that these wraps burn smoothly and without too much smoke.

Your customers will also be attracted to the packaging of these beauties. The bold but fun packaging of these wraps is an eye-catcher. The box that they come in is resealable for extra freshness. Your customers will testify to this when they tell you in a review that these wraps lack dryness and crumbling.

Like everything, rolling takes practice to become a pro at it. But these wraps are great even for your customers who are beginners. Order our wholesale Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps Blunt Manic at affordable prices today.


Weight 0,126 kg
Dimensions 5 × 11 × 18 cm

Juicy Jay's



Pieces per display

25 pieces

Packs per box

25 packs

Blunts per pack

2 blunts

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