Jumbo Green Professional Rolling Papers with Prerolled Tips

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Jumbo Green Professional Rolling Papers with Prerolled Tips

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The Netherlands

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Wholesale Jumbo Green Professional Rolling Papers with Prerolled Tips

Are your customers searching for new ways to smoke joints with your friends? Offer them green rolling papers! Wholesale Jumbo Green Professional Rolling Papers with Prerolled Tips are perfect for anyone who wants a unique smoking experience. The green tips on the paper even match the whole look of the roll. Plus, they come with quality rolling paper which improves your joint-smoking experience. Jumbo papers are not just fun to roll, they’re also affordable to buy.

Jumbo is a Dutch rolling paper brand known for its affordable prices and high quality. The company’s rolling paper supply also features distinctive color schemes that discerning smokers will appreciate.


Weight 0,379 kg
Dimensions 18 × 11,5 × 6,5 cm


Pieces per display

24 pieces

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