MediCBD Cannabis Chocolate 70% Dark Salty Caramel 100mg CBD (15pcs/display)

THC Free
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Wholesale MediCBD Cannabis Chocolate 70% Dark Salty Caramel 100mg CBD

Wholesale MediCBD Cannabis Chocolate 70% Dark Salty Caramel 100mg CBD is the perfect addition to your shop or retail store. This delightful treat combines the rich taste of dark chocolate with the tantalizing flavor of salty caramel pearls. Customers will be drawn to this unique and delicious combination.

What sets MediCBD Cannabis Chocolate apart? It’s simple – your clients get more grams compared to regular chocolate bars. Each display is generously packed with 15 pieces, with a total weight of 100 grams each.

As a shop owner or retailer, it’s important to offer products that cater to a variety of dietary needs and preferences. That’s why Wholesale MediCBD Cannabis Chocolate is a great choice. It contains 100mg of CBD, which is known for its potential health benefits and soothing properties. Plus, it’s THC-free, ensuring that customers can enjoy the chocolate without any psychoactive effects.

The chocolate itself is made up of 70% pure dark chocolate, giving it a rich and indulgent taste. The smooth texture melts in your mouth, creating a truly satisfying experience. The addition of salty caramel pearls adds a delightful contrast of flavors, enhancing the overall taste.

Not only does Wholesale MediCBD Cannabis Chocolate offer a delicious treat, but it also provides potential health benefits. Many customers are seeking out CBD-infused products for their potential to promote relaxation and well-being. By offering this product, you are catering to those customers and providing them with an option that combines indulgence and self-care.

In summary, Wholesale MediCBD Cannabis Chocolate 70% Dark Salty Caramel 100mg CBD is a must-have product for shop owners and retailers. With its unique and delicious flavor combination, potential health benefits, and eye-catching display, it’s sure to be a hit among your customers. Add this product to your inventory today and watch as it flies off the shelves.

Ingredient: Cocoa mass RA MB, sugar, salted caramel pearls 10 % (sugar, glucose syrup, sea salt, natural flavour, colour: ammonia caramel), cocoa butter RA MB, fat reduced cocoa powder RA MB, emulsifier (soya lecithin), caramel aroma, cannabis extract containing CBD, vanilla aroma. May contain traces of milk and other dry nut kernels.

Data Sheet

Weight 1,634 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 18 cm


CBD (mg)

100mg CBD


THC Free


Austria, Belgium