Metal Grinder Best Buds AK47 4 Parts – 50mm (12pcs/display)

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Like The AK-47 – Simple, Rugged, and Reliable

Our wholesale Metal Grinder Best Buds AK47 4 Parts – 50mm (12pcs/display) includes a sieve and powder chamber to store the finest grind safely. This is a heavy-duty grinder that will last your customers many years. 

The 4-part metal grinder is durable and includes a magnetic compartment. So, it grinds the buds to a perfect consistency for rolling and sieves out crystals into its base for a psychedelic weekend blowout.

The best herb grinders allow herb enthusiasts to turn even the lowest quality dried plants into a high-quality treat. 

Product Features

A durable and solid product

Grinding made easy and stress-free

Herbs are sealed with a magnetic top that prevents spills and waste

Contains a sieve that catches all kief crystals so herbs are cleaner and smoother

The herb lover’s dream grinder

Your customers will simply love this original four-piece grinder

Enjoy Ease With This Metal Grinder

With our Metal Grinder Best Buds AK47, your customers can grind their Herbs into finer dust for a smoother, more even relaxation experience.

They can finally know the pleasures of grinding processed plants with a fine grinder that eliminates the tedious process of grinding and sifting through herb buds. And there is no chance of accidentally spilling out the plants and kief with these metal four-part grinders. thanks to the magnetic closure.

And for your customers new to the world of herb grinding, they need not look any further. The best buds metal grinder is a reliable place to start.

The four chambers in our best buds metal four-part grinders each serve a unique purpose; the first two chambers act as a multi-level system to grind the herb into finer, more usable consistencies, and the third chamber captures all of the buds. The final chamber is a solid steel plate that catches all kief crystals. 

This system ensures that the herb is ground down into the finest quality possible to ensure a clean, smooth hit.

Give your customers an easy way to grind herbs. Get our wholesale Metal Grinder Best Buds AK47 4 Parts – 50mm (12pcs/display) at the best market prices today and watch your profit margins soar. 

Data Sheet

Weight 1,43 kg
Dimensions 25 × 19 × 4 cm

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