Metal Grinder Rainbow Mexican Skulls 4 Parts – 50mm (6pcs/display)

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Metal Grinder Rainbow Mexican Skulls 4 Parts - 50mm (6pcs/display)

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Add Some Colour To Your Grind

The Metal Grinder Rainbow Mexican Skulls is the perfect product to supply to customers, whether you’re looking to draw in new customers or retain your long-standing loyal customers, this product is sure to be a bestseller. 

The Classic 4-part, 3-chamber design allows for grinding, storage, and filtration. These features are important in clean and safe ventilation while the user utilizes the accessory. The metal grinders of the wholesale Metal Grinder Rainbow Mexican Skulls 4 Parts – 50mm (6pcs/display) are also made of strong, high-quality metal alloys for optimal performance and durability. 

Another good selling point to customers is that the ability of the product to last a long time without significant deterioration helps the environment by conserving further metal resources and reducing waste. It also reduces the environmental impacts of repair and replacement.

Product Features

Classic 4-part, 3–chamber grinding beauty

Built for quick, clean, and smooth grind of all kinds of herbs

Metal grinders made of strong, high-quality metal alloys

Long-lasting and environmental-friendly. 

Artistic skull design with a rainbow finish 

Magnetically sealed lid and a leak-proof storage

Light and portable 

A Perfect Blend of Art and Functionality

The Mexican skull design is captivating. Also known as a  Calavera in Spanish, the hand-made representation of human skulls come in a shimmering, rainbow finish. Some of the Calaveras have a decorative lock, others the popular Spanish cross, and others the image of flowers. One thing is certain though, the grinder is for artistic customers with an appreciation for art and culture. 

The grinders are magnetically sealed to ensure a smooth grind and secure, leak-proof storage while traveling. The bottom compartment gathers the herb powder as it filters through a mesh screen, assuring a maximum usage of material and minimum waste.

Shop with us today! Get our wholesale Metal Grinder Rainbow Mexican Skulls 4 Parts – 50mm (6pcs/display) at our special discount rates to give your customers the perfect aesthetically pleasing and useful metal grinder. Don’t miss out, click the purchase button now!


Weight 0,739 kg
Dimensions 15 × 21,5 × 5 cm




Pieces per display

6 pieces


4 parts


Grind Pro



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