Metal Silicone Joint Clipper Mushroom (12pcs/bag)

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Metal Silicone Joint Clipper Mushroom (12pcs/bag)

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Urban Crew

The Netherlands

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Eliminate Smell By Keeping The Smoke Away

Every true cannabis connoisseur has come to that point during their smoking session when the blunt or joint is shrinking to a size that is no longer feasible to smoke. Experienced smokers understand that it is not ideal to let any excess cannabis go to waste, so some cannabis lovers will push through and continue smoking the joint until it almost burns their fingers. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. The creative and innovative individuals within the cannabis industry designed a solution that allows cannabis lovers to get the most out of their blunts or joints while smoking in style. The joint clip is designed to allow cannabis lovers to experience the most out of their cannabis without the threat of burning fingers or wasting trees.

The wholesale Metal Silicone Joint Clipper Mushroom (12pcs/bag) is a smoking artifact that will prevent your customers’ fingers and eyes from being smoked, so, they can enjoy smoking without holding the cigarette with their fingers. They are practical and beautiful, they are also great gifts for yourself and your family. Fixed to the good ol’ reliable alligator-styled clip, these joint clips will be able to grip your customers’ snazzy jazz cigarette from virtually any angle conceivable! Your customers will get 12 cigarette holders in 2 colors including black and red, each one measures 14 cm in length and 5 cm in diameter. They are good for both men and women, they can make them look gentle and elegant when smoking.

Add A Touch Of Class To The Session

The key feature is the absolutely unique metal silicone reusable tips to gently clip the end of the joint so that the fingers of your smokers are free from getting burnt. They can use the adaptive joint filters with other tips, pre-rolls like RAW of all sizes, all rolled cones, rolling filters, smoking pipes, tobacco herbs cigarettes. Our joint and blunt clips help save money! These joint clips, allow smokers to use all flowers to the end and save their herbs and money.

Joint clips are all the craze nowadays and come in various designs and styles to fit all types of cannabis lovers. For individuals interested in learning more about joint clips, stay tuned. Simply Green brings you the best joint clips at affordable prices. Bulk orders attract unbelievable discounts. Fast and reliable shipping guaranteed


Weight 0,11 kg
Dimensions 5 × 14 × 3 cm
Pieces per display

12 pieces


Urban Crew

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