Metal Silicone Joint Clipper Spider (12pcs/bag)

12 pieces
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Swing Sales Higher Than Spiderman Can Fly

This wholesale Metal Silicone Joint Clipper Spider (12pcs/bag) is a metallic Clipper having a soft rubber depiction of the almighty Spiderman of Marvel’s cinematic universe. Are your customers worried about what action to take to get the best of their weed flavor? These joint clippers are the customer magnet you require because they level the mountain of concern of every customer. Our Metal Silicone joint clipper Spider has all it takes to win your customers’ hearts over as it possesses all the features they desire. Above all, it is adaptable to any duty they choose to use it for.  It is designed to handle any size of weed, especially the tiny tail rolls of cannabis.

Because of the Marvel character they project, these silicon clippers initiate electrifying emotions before, during, and after the smoke experiences of customers. Just like Peter Parker swinging through New York City, they swing customers from floor-level relaxation feeling to a high they desire. As its name implies, these metal clippers have an incredible capacity to hold any rolled weed size within its jagged teeth. This smoke gadget is made of pure Silica metals which is an assurance that your customers will not only be enjoying top quality metallic products but also owning one of the metal creations that are easy to maintain and clean.

The spider clipper is an instrument of comfort because it holds weed or hemp wraps a few centimeters away from the user. It, therefore, guides your customers against the disturbing and appalling stain of weed ash. Its firm gripping teeth on weed wraps are powerful and yet easy to lift off.

Excellent And Safe Clippers

Made from a careful and harmonious combination of metal and Silicon, they are uniquely strong, rugged, and long-lasting. It is a product with the best properties of silicone without any of its problematic features. They are a good conductor of heat electric smoke experiences, however, the spider rubber handle prevents the user from the heat effects. The Silicon component of the build material prevents the heat from radiating all over it, therefore reducing the transmission of heat from the weed wrap holding points to the handle.

Our wholesale Metal Silicone Joint Clipper Spider (12pcs/bag) is useful for acting out the most polite smoking manner and posture. It protects the fingers and nails from burns and the perpetual stench of cannabis flavor after marathon smoke. Customer safety is as important as their relaxation plans, these clippers ensure your customers enjoy the abundance of both.

Aside from the features characterizing its usability, its beauty and model tags your customers ‘Premium-Users’

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Weight 0,11 kg
Dimensions 5 × 14 × 3 cm
Pieces per display

12 pieces


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