Ogeez Krunchbox 100mg CBD Cannabis Shaped Chocolate Small Candies THC Free (90x10g)

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Ogeez Krunchbox 100mg CBD Cannabis Shaped Chocolate Small Candies THC Free (90x10g)

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Ogeez Krunchbox


Ogeez Packs


Ogeez Flavors Pack

wholesale Ogeez 1-Pack Cannabis Shaped Chocolate THC Free Krispy Pearl
wholesale Ogeez 1-Pack Cannabis Shaped Chocolate THC Free Super Krunch

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A Combination of Chocolate and CBD in Different Options

Specialists have discovered the incredible benefits of CBD on factors such as anxiety and sleep. Would you like your customers to enjoy the traditional aroma of chocolate while experiencing the stimulating benefits of CBD? Buy wholesale Ogeez Krunchbox 100mg CBD Cannabis Shaped Chocolate and offer your customers this incredible product of milky chocolate. Packed in a medium-sized, attractive pack, the candies come in six different flavors.

Your customers will exude an aura of elegance with the chocolate-themed cannabinoid, which is barely noticeable in other ordinary chocolates. A strategic display of your wholesale pack is a sure way of winning new and ‘come again’ customers.

Delicious and Calming With No THC

Give your customers a pack of Ogeez 100mg CBD chocolate and let them enjoy the experience of traditional chocolate while feeling the potential numbing effect of cannabinoids. The candies are THC free, ensuring your customers remain sober through the day without giving in to fatigue and mental exhaustion.

Wholesale Ogeez


Weight 1,160 kg
Dimensions 24 × 21,5 × 11,5 cm


CBD (mg)

100mg CBD


THC Free

Pieces per display

90 pieces

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