PAX Maintenance Kit for PAX 2 and 3

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PAX Maintenance Kit for PAX 2 and 3

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United States of America

PAX 3 Complete Kit Vaporizers

PAX 3 Vaporizers


PAX 2 Vaporizers


PAX Spare Parts

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Wholesale pAX Maintenance Kit for PAX 2 and 3


Tested And Proven Quality Products

Designed and produced at PAX Labs, the PAX Maintenance Kit is of the highest quality and durability that no other can compare to. Your customers will have their money’s worth and some when they acquire this product from you. Your customers who either have lost the maintenance kit their product came with, used it up, or simply want a spare on hand can rely on you to get a maintenance kit that is the original and not just one that is as good as an original. It’s important to note that this Kit applies to only PAX 2 and 3 vaporizers. It might not be a good fit for any other vaporizer, including PAX 1. It is custom-made like that and uniquely tailored to combine elegant design and advanced technology. This was with the intent of improving the efficiency of the Kit.

Keeping Your Customers’ Vaping Experience At Its Peak

This collection is the best selection of tools to ensure a clean vapor path. It provides all the essential items to keep the PAX vaporizer working in perfect condition. It includes ten pipe cleaners that customers can insert into the vapor path to clear out oil condense, accumulated smoke on the walls, and other residual material. These unwanted gunk can lead to overheating and get in the way of quality flavourful vapor in a vaping session. The wire brush is available for more thorough cleaning and dislodges the screen. Three additional screens are also provided, and they can be replaced on the vaporizer as needed. Screens work to prevent build-up in the vaporizer and act as a filter.

The PAX 2 and 3 vaporizers are a classy and top-notch pair, and they deserve all the care they can get. This maintenance kit is necessary for your customers’ vaporizers to keep providing them with flavors and aromas that entice their senses. Without proper care, their beloved vaping pens could quickly develop one fault or the other. Removing the remnant herbs after a vaping session is not enough, so why don’t you stock this product to keep their vaping experiences evergreen? Your customers will definitely be needing this kit.

Go ahead and add our Wholesale pAX Maintenance Kit for PAX 2 and 3 to your cart. It’s available now at the best wholesale prices that will skyrocket your profit margins in no time.


Weight 0,020 kg
Dimensions 12 × 6,5 × 2 cm


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