Plant of Life 2.5%-3% CBD Infusion Tea Mint (20g)

Plant of Life 2.5%-3% CBD Infusion Tea Mint (20g)

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Plant of Life 2.5%-3% CBD Infusion Tea Mint (20g)
In stockAvailable

In stockAvailable

Additional information:

Weight 0,046 kg
Dimensions 4,4 × 8 × 17,6 cm

Plant of Life

Content (g)


CBD (%)

3% CBD


THC Free

Product description:

The Sweet Tea Of Life!

A Wholesale Plant of Life 2.5%-3% CBD Infusion Tea Mint is the package that can solve the lack of rest. Even if workloads everywhere seemingly orchestrate the end of life for your customers, this tea will give the best stress-free feeling equal to a thousand yoga sessions. This tea answers customers’ prayers and longings for stress elimination and tackling anxiety.

Plant of life infusion mint tea is an eco-friendly bag of freshness waiting to be unleashed. It is made with a special percentage proportion of CBD to maximize the desired result of profound relaxation and relief from everyday stress life.

The bags of wholesale Plant of Life CBD Infusion Tea Mint dissolves in a few minutes to release the substance of pure refreshment. Hot temperature does not tamper with the properties of the plant of life tea and, therefore, does not impair the experience of the wholesome dose of the stress-free desire of the heart.

However, it is not just about stress relief! Aside from reducing stress levels and eliminating anxiety, this tea of life contains other health properties that can be of immediate help. These properties include potential analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

This is the tea you have been missing in your collection! Mend the daily stress of all your customers with a wholesale Plant of Life CBD Infusion Tea Mint.

Eco-friendly Packaging and Wholesome Taste

This tea comes in 10 pyramidal bags and a ten-fold charm for all desires in its unique biodegradable package. The wholesale Plant of Life CBD Infusion Tea Natural dissipates in hot water with the natural flavour of the cannabis plant as it brings the solution to every stressful life!

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