Poptop Green Plastic Container Small 13 Dram – 35mm

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Package and Preserve Herbs for Long Trips

When people plan long trips, one of their pressing desires is that their supplies would last them on the journey. So also do herb lovers whenever they buy their favorite herbs. Solve their dilemma with these wholesale Poptop Green Plastic Container Small 13 Dram – 35mm

Poptop came up with these green plastic containers with stylish pop lids. The green color confers preservative abilities on these containers and your customer can be sure their herb supplies will not age faster than needed.

One of the ways these containers ensure the long-lasting freshness of anything inside them is their air-tight lid-covering system. The covers close firmly and do not allow your customers’ herb collection to react with air or moisture., thereby helping them retain their favorite aromas and quality for as long as their trips or supply would last.

Roomy Containers with Multifunctions

Aside from having a tight lid lock and preserving contents, these PopTop’s plastic containers have enough room to contain their basic relaxation accessories, such as rolling papers and tips.

These wholesale Poptop Green Plastic Container Small 13 Dram – 35mm are eco-friendly because they are made of recyclable plastic materials. They are easy to maintain and keep for a very long time.

With these, your store is offering customers a multifunctional item for the price of one! Place your order now at special discount rates and watch your store record incredible profit margins. 

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13 dram