Puffco Budsy Bottle Portable Bong

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Wholesale Puffco Budsy Bottle

The Wholesale Puffco Budsy Bottle is a unique bong! It looks just like an ordinary drinking bottle, but it has a real water pipe – with a ceramic bowl, integrated mouthpiece and hidden diffuser with an inline percolator. The Budsy goes anywhere and can be used anytime, so you have your bong ready for any time of need!

This portable and discreetly chic bong is made of Tritan, a break-proof, flavorless, dishwasher-safe plastic. The Budsy can be filled with 420 ml of water before packing your favorite herbs into the removable ceramic bowl. A sealable mouthpiece and bowl are ideal for transporting in public without being noticed. Cleaning is ridiculously easy since the smooth surfaces don’t trap debris, which means it?s always ready for another inconspicuous outing.

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Dimensions 9 × 9 × 24 cm