RAW Hands-Free Smoker

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RAW Hands-Free Smoker

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United States of America

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A Ride-Along Experience

Multitasking while having a smoke without interruptions is a dream for every smoker. RAW Hands-Free Smoker turns this dream into reality. Customers could be gaming, baking, making breakfast, or even giving someone a foot rub and still be able to enjoy a smoke without fear of getting messy.

RAW Hands-Free Smoker is designed to allow your customers to enjoy their smoke without touching them. It is designed to simply rest on their shoulders with a rubber stand. The stand is elastic and therefore adjustable. It also has a rubbery holder and can be adjusted to hold any joint size. So, customers don’t have to increase or decrease the size of their regular smokes just to use this product. It also contains a plastic directly below the holder, which acts as an ashtray. This all-in-one product that allows your customers to multitask will get them glued to this product. Place an order for our wholesale RAW Hands-Free Smoker at affordable prices.

A Safe And Convenient Mobile Holder

RAW Hands-Free Smoker is designed to fit directly in front of your customers’ mouths without obstructing their view. The handle is made of light rubber, so your customers won’t experience any form of discomfort while or after use. The ashtray is long and big enough to fit any size of smoke. Therefore, there is no risk of dropping ashes everywhere, while your customers enjoy their favourite smoke.


Weight 0,070 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 cm


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