Skull Green Glass Bong Bowl 18mm

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Skull Green Glass Bong Bowl 18mm

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Urban Crew

The Netherlands

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Not Just Unique, But Also Royal

Offer your customers a unique, natural, and royal accessory- the skull green glass bong bowl. These bowls are available at premium prices when you buy wholesale skull green glass bong bowl from us. Made from a 5mm thick green glass, this accessory has unmatched quality and exudes an aura of class and royalty. Your customers won’t feel more natural and royal…

The green glass is made of manganese, iron, and titanium oxides which make it classic, smooth, and flamboyant. Every customer loves loyalty and class, which is what this skull green offers them. Offer your customers this stylish bowl by placing an order for wholesale skull green glass bong bowl from SG at premium prices.

Resistant to Breakage and Stains

The 5mm thick reinforced glass is hard to break and guarantees your customers value for their money. While having a joint or using it solo at home or outdoors, they need not worry about breakage. Also, the smooth glass is comfortable to hold. Green glass is not easy to stain because of its smooth surface. This makes the green glass bong easy to clean after use, and it remains stylish for days.

Purchase our wholesale skull green glass bong bowl and afford your customers an accessory to keep them bonded to their peers. This bowl measures 18mm in diameter and is 9cm long. If your customers love joints, it is a perfect one to keep them in conversation, and if they love being solitary, it is comfortable enough.

Attractive on the Shelf and Easy to Move Around With

The sleek green skull bong is eye-catching and easily draws your customers’ attention. It weighs 60g and is therefore portable and hence good to move around with which makes it convenient for home and out-of-home use.

Order our wholesale skull green glass bong bowl and watch your sales grow. Each pack contains a skull green glass bong bowl of 18mm in diameter.


Weight 0,06 kg
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 5 cm







Urban Crew

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