Turtle White Glass Bong Bowl 14mm

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Out of stockSold out

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Turtle White Glass Bong Bowl 14mm

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Urban Crew

The Netherlands

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A Sizable Turtle Bong Bowl!

This white turtle bong bowl has a crisp and classy look with rough  and undulating surfaces.The shape of the Turtle white 14mm makes it easy to hold while smoking, and the shinny white colour makes it an eye-catching piece. 

This white bong bowl is made from borosilicite glass which is also known as Pyrex. This glass can withstand high heat temperatures without breaking or cracking. The thickness of the bong bowl also makes it a strong and durable product.

The diameter of this white glass bong bowl is 14mm and the dimensions are 5 × 5 × 9 cm. This accessory also has a light weight of 0.06 kg. The overall size of the bowl shows that it can take in a reasonable amount of herbs at a time, which attracts most people.

Due to its size, this bong may be conveniently showcased in your store and, eventually, in your buyer’s home or workplace.

Buy our wholesale Turtle White Glass Bong Bowl today.


Weight 0,06 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 9 cm



Urban Crew





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