Twist ‘n Smoke Twisted Glass Blunt Black Amsterdam Special Edition

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Twist, Light, and Relax!

A glass blunt is not only cleaner and healthier than a traditional tobacco-wrapped blunt, but it is also reusable. It removes the noxious odor that the tobacco leaf emits when it is burned. 

We present to you the wholesale Twist ‘n Smoke Twisted Glass Blunt Black Amsterdam Special Edition — so you can now enjoy the authentic flavor of your favorite herbs. 

For your customers, rolling will never be the same. They can easily pack up to 1.5 grams into the glass tube and twist the screw in the tube counterclockwise. All they have to do now is light the end and inhale. To ash, they simply need to turn the screw clockwise to push the ash out of the glass, leaving fresh herbs for their next session.

Product Highlights

Revolutionary Glass Blunt Design.

Holds Up to 1.5 Grams.

Extraordinarily Portable and Discreet.

Corkscrew Design Always Provides Fresh Hit.

Comes with a cleaning brush and spare stopper.

Made in the Netherlands with pride.

Stack and Twist!

Any seller who does not have this product on their shelf is missing out on remarkable sales and even more remarkable customer feedback. This product is a distinguishing factor in the herbs world and is a must-have for every serious store owner. 

The wholesale Twist ‘n Smoke Twisted Glass Blunt Black Amsterdam Special Edition will be a fantastic addition to your store, and the sales will be unprecedented. 

Take advantage of our special discount rates t Simply Green. Stock up and enjoy a higher boost in sales and your profit margins!

Place your order today. 

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Dimensions 5,5 × 5,5 × 13 cm

Twist & Smoke