White Glass Pipe 12cm Cartoons 3

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White Glass Pipe 12cm Cartoons 3

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Urban Crew

The Netherlands

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Pipe Down With A Lovely Pipe

Pulling out a pipe and puffing on some high-quality herbs or tobacco is high up on many of your customers’ best things to do during cold evenings. Half the time, these pipes are some wooden, rigid and scratchy pipes that probably get hot to the touch. 

Why don’t you give your customers the best equipment for those times of peace and quiet? You can check out our wholesale White Glass Pipe 12cm Cartoons 3. 

These pipes help to put a smile on your customers’ faces as they take draws of their favorite leaf. These ones have a picture of Pickle Rick that are guaranteed to give your customers a chuckle or two while they drag. 

Smooth Pipe, Smooth Draw

The smooth curves of these pipes are guaranteed to enhance your customers’ experience. The glass also serves to provide a low hindrance to the puffs as they travel down the shaft from the bowl. 

The glass is also designed to be durable, as that is the major drawback of using a glass pipe. Normal glass pipes would shatter at minor damage, but these wholesale White Glass Pipe 12cm Cartoons 3 are guaranteed to withstand a lot more than the average pipes. 

The durability doesn’t mean the pipe is built heavy like a tank. Instead, it is extremely light, with a packed weight of 80 grams and even less when unpacked. Your customers would be able to carry them around without any stress. 

You would gain a lot of sales from having these pipes in your shelves. All you have to do is to place your order. Available at special discount prices.


Weight 0,080 kg
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 3,5 cm





Urban Crew

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