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Everything You Need To Know About Pharma Hemp

Written by
Susan Mayer

Market Analyst at Simply Green


Much like any industry based around a new thing, the retail CBD space has rapidly been sectioned off into different brands, suppliers, and customer bases. For the entrepreneurs selling CBD, this means greater competition, which is always a net good for business. For the consumer, the increased choice that comes from having lots of brands vying for their attention often means lower prices.

Founded in 2007 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Pharma Hemp is one of the more prominent companies that offer CBD-based products to the European market. They’re also one of the more “complete” entities in the space, operating a customer-facing website, CBD testing facilities, and even a form of franchising.

Pharma Hemp Wholesale

A ‘Natural’ Brand Identity

As a starter, let’s take a quick look inside the Pharma Hemp catalogue. In addition to the more traditional oils, which it offers in strengths up to 40%, Pharma Hemp has a wide range of pastes, gummies, and balms. Many of its products are fortified with vitamins such as A, B6, B12, C, D3, folic acid, and zinc.

Pharma Hemp provides 97.5% cannabigerol or CBG in the form of crystalline powder, although it has very few products based around this compound. This isn’t particularly uncommon among CBD suppliers, as CBG can be expensive.

Pharma Hemp leans heavily on a ‘natural’ brand identity, which incorporates the themes of trust, tradition, and organic production. However, as it makes use of sophisticated technology to grow its crops, readers might wonder what Pharma Hemp stands for. It is actually this melding of modern growing methods and traditional values that makes Pharma Hemp almost unique in the CBD industry.

Perhaps most importantly, Pharma Hemp has a raft of certifications that range from agricultural concerns, like the Good Agricultural and Collection Practice and the Good Manufacture Practice, to laboratory accreditation. In the latter case, Pharma Hemp has a standard from the International Organization for Standardization that relates to the competence of lab-based testing (see ISO/IEC 17025:2017).

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A Multi-Brand Business

Pharma Hemp is actually a conglomerate of several brands, all of which are sold on a single website (and you can find them also in Simply Green Platform). These other companies are Dr Kent, CBD Elixir, and Mikka. In brief, Dr Kent concerns itself with the two related worlds of herbal remedies and hemp extracts, while CBD Elixir and Mikka are focused on toothcare and skincare, respectively. Of course, Pharma Hemp is a brand all on its own, too.

Pharma Hemp Products Wholesale

Overall, Pharma Hemp is quite a sophisticated outfit – yet its customers are the ones who know best why its use of adjectives like “superior”, “pioneering”, and “premium” in its brand materials is justified.

You can always have a look at all Pharma Hemp Wholesale Products available on our platform.

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