Best Smoking Accessories To Stock

What Are The Best Smoking Accessories To Stock In Your Store?


(Updated 11/04/2022)

If you’re looking to increase and diversify your store’s smoking accessories range, planning on starting up a smoke shop of your own, or you just need some inspiration about the latest trends and the best smoking accessories to stock, this is your blog post. For businesses looking to keep customers interested and coming back for more, you should plan to stock renowned, high-quality smoking accessories from a reliable wholesale supplier like Simply Green. Here we will show you some essential and trending smoking accessories for any smoke shop or online store that will take your business to the next level, based on our databases (we will show you the best-selling product in each category in the last 6 months). Our huge selection of smoking accessories and smoking supplies has been built to offer you the best choice for your store, from bongs to rolling papers – if you’re just starting out, check out our business guide to help you succeed. Are you new to the platform? Register with us today!

The Best Smoking Accessories To Stock

When you’re looking to fulfill the needs of your clients and encourage return custom, you should ensure you provide all the smoking accessories they might need, plus some innovative options. For most online retailers of smoking products, these are your ‘must buys’ and prove to be the top product categories for regular and one-off customers alike.

Generally, for smokers, there is a certain amount of equipment that is absolutely essential. What is evident is that smokers have personal preferences and styles of smoking that become their go-to. If you fail to provide a decent selection of the basics you may miss out on staple sales and return customs.

Although online shopping makes it easy to find what you want, having to make multiple purchases from different websites and organize different deliveries can be off-putting at best. Shoppers are of course susceptible to impulse purchases and, within the smoking industry, there is plenty of room for capitalizing on sales of exciting new products as well as novelty items. We have compiled a list of the most popular and essential products for tobacco and marijuana smoking as well as other smoking accessories:


bong on a store's shelf

Also known as Billy’s or bubblers, bongs are water pipe devices used for smoking predominantly cannabis, tobacco, or herb products. Usually, they consist of a vase-like chamber, a pipe and gauze, and a mouthpiece. Cannabis, tobacco, or herbs are usually ground and loaded into the gauze attached to the pipe, and smoke is drawn through the water (by inhalation of the user) which in turn filters and cools the smoke into the chamber. Then, when the smoker is ready they can inhale the smoke in a big hit. Bongs provide a simple, effective, and valuable asset to any smoking accessories range.

Product Spotlight: Juice Glass Bong Cartoon Characters 19cm

This Juice Glass Bong is comfortable, practical, funny, and durable for your customers and can generate an interesting margin for you thanks to its price. Cartoon products often create a feeling of connection between customers and products. We are talking about an original bong for everyday use. It consists of 2 parts and is ready to use, so your customers will only need to buy it from your store and choose their favorite material. All these reasons make it one of the best selling products on our platform in the last 6 months.

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Smoking pipes

The Best Smoking Accessories

Smoking pipes are handheld devices where cannabis or tobacco is loaded into the bowl at one end and inhaled through the other. Using different materials for making pipes create different smoking experiences; popular materials are glass and ceramics but many smokers do enjoy a traditional style wooden pipe as well. Pipes are easy to maintain and store and are discreet and effective. There is no need for rolling, users can simply fill the pipe with a dried herb of choice, light it up and puff away.

Product Spotlight: Champ High Pool Glass Black Pipes

An easy-to-use and ready-to-use product, also with a good price-quality is a sure hit. With an elegant design, this pipe will captivate tourists and locals in your shop. Detachable for easy cleaning, this minimalist pipe is everything your customers need.

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Rolling papers

person rolling a cigarette outside

Rolling papers come in all different shapes, sizes, and flavors. Smokers generally have a personal preference for papers because of how they taste and how they burn, which encourages brand loyalty. Thicker papers generally have a stronger flavor and give a heavier puff, thin papers have less taste and offer a lighter puff. Many papers offer intricate designs, and unique flavors and can even be see-through. Be sure to include organic paper and natural papers too for the purist smokers. Of course, there are many paper variables and options and it is all down to personal taste, which is why including an extensive range of papers in your online store is important to cater to all of your customer’s needs.

Product spotlight: RAW Black Kingsize slim rolling papers (50pcs/display)

Naturally, the most popular rolling papers on our platform are the RAW papers. Who doesn’t know this brand? Who has never used these papers? It seems that our customers have it clear. RAW papers also have an incredible quality thanks to the materials used and the production processes (Fun fact: RAW papers are produced in Spain). Offering your customers Wholesale RAW products means offering them quality.

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Rolling trays

The Best Smoking Accessories

Perhaps one of the most overlooked smoking accessories, rolling trays are the ultimate place for smokers to keep all of their rolling accessories. As a practical product, they are good to stock as they offer a solution, and there is a wide range of attractive, eye-catching designs for customers to enjoy and even collect. Although not an essential bit of kit, smoking trays make great gifts and ideal storage solutions. Don’t leave your customers without, include some of these beauties for your die-hard smoking fans.

Product Spotlight: Best Buds Purple Haze Small Metal Rolling Tray

Customers love colorful designs, that’s why Best Buds designs are always the ones that sell out first (and the more colorful the better!), like the Purple Haze design. The fun and eye-catching designs of Best Buds, combined with the quality of the products, are a perfect combination to make your shop a success. Your customers will love all the designs.

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man holding an open grinder

Grinders are used for breaking up cannabis, tobacco, or herbal items into a fine and smokeable mix. Grinders are made of all sorts of materials like wood, plastic, and metal. Some grinders offer many compartments for separating and refining herb materials. Grinders are daily smoking essential and are a vital component of any quality smoking accessories range.

Product spotlight: RAW Original Metal Grinder 4 parts – 56mm + Giftbox

Once again the fantastic brand is among our best-selling products, in this case as a grinder. We have to say that we are talking about a high-quality grinder with incredible finishes, with 4 parts this grinder can meet the needs of your customers and also accumulate the excess so that you can take advantage of all the material. The Wholesale RAW Original Metal Grinder is a safe bet that will make your customers fall in love with you.

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lighter with flame

As you know, there is no smoke without fire and that is why having a selection of premium lighters to offer is a no-brainer. Every smoker needs a lighter but for some reason they always seem to get misplaced, meaning you can generate that extra sale by having lighters alongside your other accessories or near the till in your store. Lighters come in thousands of different designs so you can find something that suits your store’s image or something that appeals to your target audience. Clipper is probably the most recognizable brand of lighter in the world and we stock an incredible range of their distinctive and appealing designs.

Product spotlight: Clipper Metal Lighters Leaves Pattern

A classic in an improved edition, the metal clipper lighters are elegant, durable, and (above all) eye-catching. Everyone likes to hold a good metal clipper in their hand, maybe because it shines more? Who knows. What we do know is that this model has sold very well in the last few months and that means a lot! The users identify themselves with their lighters, that’s why they are becoming more and more original and different.

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Accessories and more

zip lock bag close up

At Simply Green we specialize in everything cannabis-related. Our accessories range is truly staggering and we have all manner of specialist and essential smoking equipment as well as huge cannabis and CBD range. Diversify your store’s range with your choice of some of our many accessories and make huge wholesale savings when you buy in bulk with us. Further accessories you can stock to boost your smoking range are ashtrays and joint holders, even storage jars and zipped bags.

Why stock with Simply Green?

We are one of the leading B2B, wholesale suppliers of smoking accessories. Our expert team can help with everything from product selection and inventory planning, right through to delivery to your business as well as ongoing customer support. We stock the best products from leading brands and manufacturers and provide fast, discreet and free delivery too. Don’t miss out on our dedicated and bespoke customer service.

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