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The Importance of Packaging in CBD Products – How to choose the best CBD Packaging

Written by
Xiong Attwool

Data Strategist at Simply Green


Experts project the global CBD packaging industry to experience a 24.3% compound annual growth rate between 2021 and 2026. From this insight, the CBD packaging market will grow rapidly over the next few years, thanks to the increasing demand for consumable medicinal and recreational CBD products. Moreover, the ongoing, rapid legalization of CBD products across many states within and outside the US is also contributing to this growth.

That said, CBD packaging is a little different from products in other industries. For instance, the best CBD packaging should be airtight to ensure the contents don’t degrade in quality. But in this article, we will highlight the importance of packaging in the CBD industry. Keep reading to learn more and stay updated.

best CBD packaging

1. Packaging Represents Your Brand

While many people may not view packaging as important as the contents enclosed inside it, the average consumer will buy or skip your product, depending on how you present it. In the CBD industry, the packaging is the brand’s bloodline, because it can either make or break the sale of your supplements.

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But what constitutes the best CBD packaging when it comes to representing your brand? Besides appealing to consumers, the packaging should be easy to find and carry around. In that regard, you would want to consider relatively small packages that enhance discretion, since most consumers prefer privacy.

2. Appeal to the Right Consumer Segment

CBD products are gaining popularity across all age groups. However, the younger and upscale consumer segment seems more intrigued with the novel products. The millennials are looking out for ways that enhance healthier and happier wellbeing. Moreover, mental health awareness is gaining traction across the globe. Everyone wants to know how CBD products can enhance this.

If done right, the best CBD packaging can help you appeal to this audience and make the products more accessible to everyone. A packaging that encompasses decorative effects will likely appeal to the sensibilities of this consumer segment and encourage them to open and try the products.

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Also, as the industry evolves and becomes more competitive, it will help if you leverage the right packaging that builds trust between your brand and consumers.

3. Stay Ahead of the Competitors

CBD packaging is crucial in enhancing the product’s shelf life. However, the packaging is even more essential in creating appeal to consumers and differentiating your product in the market. That said, you can go for a unique, customized box that allows your brand to stand out and maximize its potential reach. Moreover, the right packaging will reflect the value of the price tags on your products, which is what the average consumer wants to experience.

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4. Labelling and Regulation

Packaging requirements for CBD products can be pretty stringent and must comply with FDA regulations. For instance, the packaging should be food-grade and child-resistant, while still appealing to the intended end-user. Most importantly, packaging also allows you to highlight the contents inside in detail, including ingredients, recommended dosage, and even brand slogan.

That said, go for a packaging solution that gives concise and clear information about the product at hand. The best CBD packaging ensures that consumers can read this information without straining, to increase the chances of them trying the product.

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5. Dispel Ignorance and Misinformation

Although 68% of consumers find value in CBD products as far as pain relief is concerned, 22% have no faith at all in cannabis supplements. Moreover, 30% of US consumers have never tried CBD products in their lifetime, thanks to the stigma associated with known users. With a detailed, custom packaging solution for your CBD line of products, you can educate these people on the benefits of using CBD to alleviate certain symptoms and conditions.

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Even better, packaging presents an opportunity to engage consumers directly and debunk all the misconceptions propagated by non-users. This can be an invaluable marketing move that will likely take your CBD products to mainstream consumers, especially if they work as advertised.

The Bottom Line: Custom CBD Packaging Builds Trust and Drives Sales

Leveraging the best CBD packaging goes without saying as the best way to build consumer trust and drive sales. It reflects the ingredients, recommended dosage, and brand slogan information to make the products appealing.

Most importantly, the right packaging ensures that consumers enjoy eco-friendly products for long-term sustainability.