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Stündenglass, all you need to know about the brand.

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Susan Mayer

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How exactly did a pet project by a guy that just wanted to take one big hit with his gravity bong turn into a successful brand, collaborating with top celebrities and selling for $600 apiece?

Welcome to the Story of the Stündenglass Brand.

Designed by ex-Apple employee Tracey Huston way back in 2012, the Stündenglass gravity bong was crafted to give a classic feel to gravity hookahs by optimizing the design and experience of using one.

However, the Stündenglass didn’t gain much popularity until 2018, when a prototype was gifted to Seth Rogen by a family friend. The celebrity, an icon for almost every stoner or cannabis-lover out there, went ahead to take a video of himself while using the gravity bong.

seth rogen stundenglass

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The viral video showed Seth Rogen burst into a coughing fit after just one hit from the bong- effectively sealing Stündenglass’s place in the world of cannabis and hookah lovers. That was the push Tracey needed because orders came flying in a matter of hours, and he started selling the Stündenglass out of his garage.

Tracey Huston stundenglass

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Tracy patented his design in 2016, and by 2020, Grenco Sciences came a-knocking. The company, known for its iconic G-Pen, a brand of portable vape pens and vaporizers, acquired Stündenglass Inc. and kept Tracey as one of the brand’s managers. This acquisition accelerated the development of the Stündenglass gravity bong design, improving the elegance and adding more durable features to the original design.

Stundenglass Wholesale

What’s inside the Stündenglass Box?

A standard Stündenglass box comes with everything the buyer needs to assemble the gravity bong quickly. Each piece has its own space, so you don’t have to get confused wondering what goes where. But of course, the company needed to make sure that their customers had all the help they could get, so they uploaded a bunch of ‘How-to’ videos on their Youtube channel, just in case.

Glass & Aluminum Infuser

The gravity infuser is made of borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, which explains why this bong has a 10-years warranty. Even the shakiest stoner hands will have difficulty knocking over or damaging this system. A huge plus is that the glass chambers are removable, so you can easily wash out that nasty leftover bong water.

Stundenglass wholesale Infuser

Aluminum Bowl

To hold your wood chips, shisha, flowers, tobacco…whatever.

Wholesale Stundenglass Bowl

2.75 Ft. Hose

In case you’re going for the classic hookah feel, Stündenglass gravity bong still got you.

Stundenglass Wholesale Hose

14mm Male-to-Male Adapter

You can connect any vaping or smoking device to the bong, giving you many more options than your average gravity bong.

Wholesale Stundenglass Plug

Cleaning Kit

Because you’re not in high school anymore, and you shouldn’t be using something that looks like the bottom of a trash can. Real adults clean their bongs.

Stundenglass wholesale Cleaning kit

Glass Liner & Coal Tray

Wholesale Stundenglass Gear

The Perfect Stündenglass Experience

The brand also offers accessories like multiple colors and shapes of glass domes, beverages cloches (for when you want to add that smoky flavor to your cocktail or drink), wall mounts, different styles of hookah tips, and many more. They’ve even got a travel-sized Kompact model.

Wholesale Stundenglass Pineapple Globe 2

The brand has also collaborated with celebrities like Wiz Khalifa and B-Real to add more flair and personality to their products. This contactless gravity pipe seems to have answered all the questions and filled in all the gaps that come with using a gravity bong.

Wiz Khalifa Stundenglass

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Fun fact: the bong looks like an hourglass, and stündenglass literally means ‘hourglass’ in German. We have to admit that Stündenglass has revolutionized the whole gravity bong experience. With their focus on precision machining, aesthetics, functionality, and purity, this company truly embodies their motto- ‘Gravity Perfected.’

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