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Wholesale Enecta: Backing the European Hemp Supply Chain Since 2013

Written by
Susan Mayer

Market Analyst at Simply Green


Wholesale Enecta is one of our top-seller wholesale CBD brands. And a few weeks ago, Enecta launched its “Ethical Price Campaign”, an initiative that is trying to inject new life into the hemp and CBD products market.

The campaign anticipates another crucial milestone for wholesale Enecta: the launch of a new line of CBD extracts, based on an innovative one-step extraction technique and powered by Enectaliana, the flagship variety of the Italo-Dutch company, tailor-made for the extraction industry. These days, the whole CBD industry is struggling, amid war and a pandemic, facing growing pains at a bigger than expected scale. Regulations are still somewhat wavering, and investment funds do not want to risk their capitals in a scarcely regulated industry.

Enecta’s answer is twofold: on the one hand, an ethical price-revolution to ease the pressure on CBD resellers. Based on a supply chain enhancement that took around 5 years to unfold and a massive overhaul that sets wholesale Enecta well into the territory of standardized, compliant, and transparent production. On the other hand, a new CBD extract is the culprit of many studies, tests, and breeding efforts.

Let’s start by breaking down Enecta’s ethical price revolution.

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Wholesale Enecta. Ethical prices, enhanced quality, where’s the catch?

The catch is: there is no catch! The new prices do not come out of the blue, they are rather the culmination of a long process that started 5 years ago. Back then, wholesale Enecta CBD oils and other wholesale hemp products already had significant traction, imposing themselves as a benchmark for quality and safety in a market plagued by false claims and lack of transparency.

But Jacopo and Marco, Enecta’s two founders, knew that to stay in the game, they needed to make the whole supply chain sustainable, as it was clear to them that the way other big names in the European hemp industry were managing their manufacturing processes was neither profitable nor sustainable in the long run.

The “capital sins” of said unsustainable approach could be pinpointed as such:

  • Extra-EU import of raw materials: It is much cheaper to import raw materials from outside the EU because non-European manufacturers don’t have to abide by the same strict regulations Euro hemp companies have to, there you have a supply chain issue.
  • Poor raw materials’ quality: When a manufacturer sources the biomass it will use for extraction from a questionable wholesaler, it is dooming its extracts to failure or to abysmal quality.
  • Lack of supply chain integration: Making the hemp supply chain more vertical is key to cutting costs and streamlining production from seed to oil (This brings us to the next “sin”).
  • White label products are everywhere: Next in order, there are White label companies that just stick their label and brand on products they did not manufacture, made with raw materials coming from God knows where.
  • THE PRICE: Pricing is complex, and that holds true in any industry. However, wholesale hemp products’ prices can be determined with a decent margin of fairness. The fact is, many joined the hemp green gold rush just for profit and what they do is: outsource production, put a label on a bottle, claim incredible CBD percentages, and inflate the price, thus making hemp products less accessible to consumers.

Enecta question, “What to do then”?

First, cut down all unnecessary costs, and this is what wholesale Enecta did. It integrated its supply chain so that all manufacturing processes are now under full control of the company, with no third parties involved, and no accessory costs. If it was not for the enhancements the company put forward in the previous years, there would not be any ethical prices or innovative products, as the production costs, coupled with inflation, energy costs, and stricter regulations, would have proven fatal.

Secondly, do whatever it takes to keep the quality high while also complying with the regulations and improving the industry’s perception, and, last but not least, tweaking prices to make them fair for both producers and consumers. The key to this integration lies in the seeds one plants, literally. By using proprietary genetics, all products stem from extremely high-quality raw materials, and they are cheaper to manufacture.

These are the roots from which wholesale Enecta ethical prices sprung.

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The key to Wholesale Enecta high-quality extracts: Enectaliana and Enectarol

Since its inception, in 2013, Enecta has had one top priority: making the best CBD extracts in the whole EU.

To do that, the company decided to create its own hemp strains. The reason for doing so does not lie in Marco and Jacopo’s whim. The average industrial hemp strain has been created for fibre production, when adapted to making biomass for extraction, these strains underperform. Many so-called full-spectrum extracts are far from being “full”. Making new strains from scratch, tailor-made for extraction. That, according to Marco and Jacopo, is the key to changing the tide and offering to both resellers and consumers a real full spectrum extract at an ethical price.

Enter Enectaliana and Enectarol. Two new-generation strains are designed for enhanced CBD and CBG extracts, respectively. Both embody Enecta’s core values: Innovation, standardization, and compliance, as the two strains are EU-certified, meet a host of very strict requirements while also offering above-average cannabinoid yields.

When speaking about Enectaliana, Jacopo reminds more of a proud father than a breeder. His creation has a host of innovative features that mark a new approach to hemp breeding.

First, terpenes. To date, hemp extraction didn’t focus that much on terpenes. They were rather seen as an aromatic complement. However, to actually trigger the entourage effect, you cannot rely on Cannabidiol alone. It’s like a chorus, not a one-man show. Enectaliana and Enectarol terpene profile has thus been carefully designed. Each terpene, coupled with major and minor cannabinoids, plays a specific role. From beta-caryophyllene to nerolidol. From CBD to CBN. That explains why full-spectrum oils are the Mecca of hemp extraction.

Enectaliana therapeutic properties

The unique combination of terpenes and phytocannabinoids offered by Enectaliana in the three different concentrations of the new extracts (5%-10%-15%) plays an important part in the potential therapeutic properties of the new product. In a nutshell, we could say that extracts made with Enectaliana may potentially help the organism in countering the aches that people face on a daily basis, anxiety, fatigue, and stress, providing a mind and body boost with its enhanced entourage effect.
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A Real Full Spectrum, For a Real Price.

To sum up, Enecta has tackled the main challenges of the hemp industry by taking a vertical, so to say, approach to the supply chain, and thus cutting accessory costs while also pouring huge efforts into creating from scratch two new strains for a new generation of CBD extracts. So, one could say “ethical” here means offering products that actually are what they claim to be and are priced in a way that can both compensate wholesale Enecta for its efforts and make hemp products more accessible to a wider market.

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