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How and Why You Should Buy CBD Makeup Wholesale: Tips, Tricks, and Facts

Written by
Hayden Kempton

Market Coordinator at Simply Green


How can you give your CBD business a makeover? One way retailers are increasing their appeal and generating new sales is through CBD makeup wholesale. With the global beauty industry worth more than US$600 billion, there is a clear demand out there. However, if you’re going to sell innovative products like CBD makeup, you need a strategy. This guide will give you some tips on how to sell CBD makeup and, moreover, why you should sell it if you want to give your retail business a makeover.

Science Sells in the CBD Industry

Advertising executives and major corporations like to pick up on cultural trends and emotions when they’re selling products, but we can’t ignore the power of science. The beauty industry often defers authority to science. Take, for example, Pantene. This hair care and beauty company has been leaning on scientific and, dare we say it, pseudo-scientific terms for decades. Pantene’s “Biology” range is the most obvious example of this marketing strategy. Take a look at Pantene Menopause shampoo for “thinning hair” and you’ll see that it’s been “infused” with vitamin B3 and white tea. These ingredients are listed alongside Pantene’s “Pro-V Nutrient Blend”. This ingredient is based on “years of scientific research”. We can’t verify whether or not that’s true or, indeed, what the research was. However, ingredients described as proprietary blends are often only loosely based on scientific ideas.
Indeed, you’ll notice that Pro-V Nutrient Blend is written in capitals on Pantene’s website, which suggests it’s trademarked. That’s a great way of keeping the formula secret. We’re not saying that the product isn’t effective or based on scientific research. What we’re demonstrating is how the beauty industry uses certain terms, tones, and phrases to make products sound scientific.

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Focus on Facts, Not Fiction

Anyone selling CBD makeup can and should do the same. The difference, however, is that you don’t have to skirt around the truth or come up with secretive trademarked formulas. Instead, you can refer to real scientific studies into the benefits of CBD. You can also be upfront with customers and explain that it’s a budding area of research and that all the benefits are not yet known or fully understood.
For example, a study by Gęgotek et al looked at the antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD in UV-induced skin cell changes. The research showed promising results with regards to CBD’s impact on cell interactions and skin cell metabolism. In simple terms, it may be an effective way to reduce UV damage to skin. That’s a real benefit backed by science. Therefore, if you’re trying to sell CBD makeup, there is value in referring to science.

And, just as importantly, there’s value in being honest. Don’t use science as a gimmick. That might work in the mainstream beauty industry, but it’s only going to hurt your reputation in the CBD sector. Science sells, so make sure you refer to the right studies and don’t try to blind customers with pseudo nonsense.

CBD Makeup Wholesale

Focus on Quality Rather than Quantity

There is an increasing number of CBD makeup products out there, and it can be tempting to stock them all. Indeed, here at Simply Green, our collection of wholesale CBD beauty products is growing all the time. However, we don’t advise you to buy and sell them all. You need to find a niche. Research shows that women tend to stick with a limited number of brands once they find one that works.
A survey of 2,000 women and men in the UK and US found that 56% stick with the same beauty products. In fact, when the results were filtered specifically for women, Nosto’s survey found that 62% stay loyal to a single brand rather than trying something new. This suggests that quality matters. Most women aren’t interested in trying hundreds of different products once they’ve found something they like.
Therefore, as a retailer, you need to ascertain what your customers want and zone in on high-quality products that fit. Send out questionnaires by email, look at your sales data and engage with customers on social media. These are all ways to determine what people want. Once you know that, you can search through our database and find suitable products. That’s why we stock dozens of items. We want retailers like you to have plenty of choices. However, when it comes to selling CBD makeup to your consumers, it’s better to have a targeted approach.

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Don’t Ignore CBD Makeup Because it Could Transform Your Business

The final tip for selling CBD makeup is actually more of a benefit. If you’re a CBD retailer that wants to be relevant in an ever-changing industry, makeup and beauty products are great ways to do it. Why? Well, research shows that more women use CBD products than men. A study by HelloMD and the Brightfield Group surveyed over 150,000 people about their knowledge, perceptions, and experiences with CBD products.
The results show that women make up 55% of the market. Therefore, given that makeup and beauty products are typically aimed at women, it seems foolish to ignore them. If you’re a retailer that’s looking to generate more sales, CBD makeup and the like could certainly help. Indeed, if you can add these products to your store and use the tips outlined in this guide, you can give your business a timely makeover and, potentially, take it to new levels.

CBD Makeup Wholesale

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