Best Buds Magnetic 3D Cover for Large Rolling Tray Pizza

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Your Customer’s Best Buds for Large Rolls

One issue with rolling is that a flat surface is needed for the perfect roll. Without that, a lot of things can go wrong. Plus, the process will not exactly be the cleanest as herbs can get spilled mistakenly. 

That is where rolling trays from Best Buds come in. These trays are some of the best in the market.  While these trays are good on their own, we’ve got a product that would take your customers’ sessions to the next level. This is our wholesale Best Buds Magnetic 3D Cover for Large Rolling Tray Pizza. 

The Best Rolling Tray A Herb-Lover Could Ask For

There are many reasons why your customers need a rolling tray lid, and we are also positive that this product checks all those boxes. The first is for protection. If your customers have pets, then they already know where we are going with this. If for any reason they have to leave their herbs in the tray, all they have to do is pop this lid on top and go ahead. With this done, their pets will not be able to spoil anything. 

To achieve that, the lid will have to be really tight in the tray. That won’t be a problem, as it is made to work perfectly with large rolling trays, especially from the Best Buds brand. It is also made tighter by the magnetic features of the lid. 

The design on the lid also makes it really attractive. Your customers would love this product, so stocking some in your store would be a great idea. And – even better – we’re offering exclusive discounts at Simply Green for the wholesale Best Buds Magnetic 3D Cover for Large Rolling Tray Pizza, so you’re sure of high sales and great margins in your store. 

Buy now. 

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