Best Buds Magnetic 3D Cover for Large Rolling Tray Pineapple Express

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Magnetic covers for large rolling weed trays

3D magnetic covers are perfect for keeping weed safe from impurities and prying eyes. The Pineapple Express Best Buds Magnetic 3D Cover is designed for larger weed trays and guarantees reliable weed protection.
Dust, rust, and dirt are no friends to freshly ground precious cannabis, and shouldn’t spoil your customer’s evening. That’s why magnetic rolling tray covers are a perfect fit for your shelves. Purchase our wholesale Best Buds Magnetic 3D Cover for Large Rolling Tray Pineapple Express today at premium wholesale prices.

They’re Magnetic, So They Stick!

Best buds are manufacturers of quality smoking accessories including these standout 3D magnetic covers for rolling weed trays. The magnetic trays display a peculiar pineapple express design: a living pineapple with purple glasses, on a spaceship – which means they’re more than just tray covers, they’re great for decoration.
Give your customers reliable and durable tray covers that fit perfectly and do not fall off trays, credit to their magnetic property.

Add a high-quality weed preservation tool to your bevy of smoking accessories, by purchasing our pineapple best buds weed tray covers today. Each pack on display weighs just 0.153kg with a size of 17 x 18 x 0.2 cm.

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Weight 0,153 kg
Dimensions 27 × 18 × 0,2 cm

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