Eco friendly Grinder Mix Colors (24pcs/display)

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Eco friendly Grinder Mix Colors (24pcs/display)

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Grinding Herbs Just Got Easier

Grinding is an integral part of your customers’ smoking experience. And we have just the right tool for them to enjoy well-ground herbs, just as they like them. Introducing the wholesale Biodegradable Hemp Grinder Mix Colors.
The teeth of these grinders are made to be strong and withstand frequent use. The grinding that these grinders provide is such that they does not smash herbs but makes them have a smooth, fluffy, and consistent texture. This is assured by their square-angled blades that will shred your customers’ herbs perfectly. The consistency that these grinders provide is perfect for every smoking session. It is ideal for the excellent flavour and aroma delivery your customers crave in every session.

These wholesale Biodegradable Hemp Grinder Mix Colors will give your customers great functionality because they don’t get jammed up while in use. The best herbs need the best grinders, and the best grinders are those that will leave your customers in awe with excellent user experience and functionality. These biodegradable hemp grinders are definitely one of the best. These grinders will never disappoint your customers, and they will undoubtedly recommend these products to their cannabis-loving friends and family. That means more sales for you!

Grinders That Mother Earth Would Love

These wholesale Biodegradable Hemp Grinder Mix Colors are biodegradable and very friendly to the earth. Therefore they don’t just provide a relatively lovely design alone but provide sustainability as well – their design and sustainability go hand in hand. They are made from hemp fibres and bioplastic, so they are relatively natural. Although they’re made from hemp, they’ve been tested and are trusted to still be durable and long-lasting, and your customers would add these to their beautiful reviews as they would love them too.

They are also portable, so your customers can carry them wherever they go, and guess what? Since they are biodegradable, the earth is still super safe even if your customers lose them. In these times when climate change and protection are a major concern, that definitely counts for something! These grinders are the future for all climate-conscious smokers.

These wholesale Biodegradable Hemp Grinder Mix Colors come in four colours – Blue, Green, Brown, and White. So customers can pick their preferred colour.
You care about your customers, and you care about the earth. So get these wholesale Biodegradable Hemp Grinder Mix Colors and enjoy our fantastic discount offer.


Weight 1,057 kg
Dimensions 22 × 27 × 6 cm
Pieces per display

24 pieces


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