Eco friendly Grinder ZigZag 3 Parts – 50mm (12pcs/display)

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Eco friendly Grinder ZigZag 3 Parts - 50mm (12pcs/display)

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High-Quality Grinder Made to Last for Years!

The Biodegradable Hemp Grinder ZigZag 3 Parts – 50mm is a multi-use grinder that can be used for grinding, rolling and storing. It is made from natural eco-friendly materials and the teeth are made of hemp. This biodegradable hemp grinder has a special design that can effectively reduce the noise of grinding, prevent damage to the teeth and grind evenly and smoothly. It has three parts, which can be locked together in the middle of the grinder.  The parts include a top cover, middle cover and bottom cover. The bottom cover can be rotated to grind the herbs. The three-part design makes it simple to unscrew and clean separately.

The grinder can be used for cannabis and other herbs as well. Your customers simply place the herb in the top part and then twist the bottom part to grind it into small pieces. The top of the grinder has been designed with two holes so that users can easily refill their grinder without having to remove all of the contents first.

The ZigZag has been designed with a diamond-shaped pattern on each side of the grinder, which helps to keep the product in place while grinding. This also makes it easier to find where everything is when your customers need to refill or clean out their grinder again afterwards! The ZigZag design also allows the user to easily scoop up their herb without spilling any on the floor. This hemp grinder is very easy to clean by just rinsing it off under running water.

Biodegradable Means Environment Friendly

The Biodegradable Hemp Grinder ZigZag 3 Parts – 50mm (12pcs/display) is an excellent choice for those who want a quality grinder that is made from eco-friendly materials. It features a biodegradable hemp body, stainless steel teeth and a magnetized lid. Its biodegradable hemp construction means it is absolutely harmless to the environment – which is one of the reasons why this grinder is so popular among end users who are concerned about their carbon footprint.

If your customers are looking for a high-quality grinder that will last for years, then this product may be exactly what they need! Boost your profit margins with our incredible wholesale Biodegradable Hemp Grinder ZigZag 3 Parts – 50mm offer! Place your order here.


Weight 0,748 kg
Dimensions 15 × 22 × 8 cm







3 parts

Pieces per display

12 pieces


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