Bob Marley Metal Grinder 4 Parts – 50mm (6pcs/display)

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Bob Marley Metal Grinder 4 Parts - 50mm (6pcs/display)

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Bob Marley Grinder

Our Bob Marley Metal Grinder is a compact grinder made up of a total of four parts. The grinder has some of the most impressive teeth on the market. It comes with interlocking pegs that shred herbs efficiently in the grinding chamber. The product is then collected in the next compartment below the grinding chamber, while the lower compartment captures precious kief.

Our wholesale Bob Marley Metal Grinder 4 is the perfect item for your customers who are into reggae music. The grinder comes with a printed portrait of Bob Marley on the lid. It’s a nicely designed grinder that’s not only efficient but stylish as well.

Stylish and Efficient

The Bob Marley Grinder features a magnetic lid to ensure efficient closure and a smooth spill-less grind. To make the grinding process a lot easier, the grinder has a lid with tiny grooves that improve grip. The combination of magnetic closure, improved grip, and super sharp, interlocking diamond-shaped teeth delivers a smooth grind that will turn herbs into dust in no time at all.

Once grounded, the herb collects in a middle chamber. The chamber features a fine mesh that only allows the finest particles to pass. The sieved particles then fall into the base compartment. These are the most potent and are perfect for extra special occasions.

This grinder is a perfect choice for your customers who value the quality and durability of a metal herb grinder and are a fan of Bob Marley. The grinder also works well as a gift, so you can expect a great response from your customers. Place your bulk order today and expand your inventory with this thoughtful and stylish unit.


Weight 0,739 kg
Dimensions 14,5 × 21,5 × 4,5 cm

Grind Pro






4 parts

Pieces per display

6 pieces


Black, Rasta

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