Cali Terpenes – Monster terpenes (1ml)

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Cali Terpenes - Monster terpenes (1ml)

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Cali Terpenes


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Give Your Customers An Irresistible Blend Of Citrus And Asian Wood Flavor

Monster terpenes from Cali are a blend of three strains, Taskenti x Destroyer x G13 Hash plant. The hybrid seeds are bred and supplied by Eva seeds, a world-class company known for quality. Your vegan customers have a reason to smile because every 1ml bottle of Monster terpenes you offer them is purely natural. The cannabis strains from Eva seeds are grown organically to ensure every extract from the trees is free of chemicals. And to preserve their natural ingredients, the seeds are not genetically modified. The end result is 100% organic flavors free of pesticides and other chemical boosters. A blend of the above terpenes yields citrus and Asian wood spiced aroma. Before blending the ingredients, Cali terpenes carry out a series of tests to ensure they are not contaminated, and a certificate from a third-party lab proves authenticity.

A Product With A Wide Array Of Uses

If you have not added Cali Monster terpenes to your shelf, you are denying your customers a product with a wide range of uses, including formulation of cosmetics, aromatherapy kits, and food and beverages. The 10ml bottle is packed in a black display box that exudes boldness and conservatism. The bottle is fitted with a calibrated dropper for ease of measurement and use of the right amount. Being 100% pure, the monster terpenes require accuracy, and that is why it comes with a dropper and instructions for use. The high purity makes the flavor concentration high, and a bottle will serve your customers for days. Every customer desires to have a quality product that gives value for money, which is what Cali Terpenes offers in every bottle.

Each packed bottle weighs 24g and measures 2x2x11cm. The small pack is eye-catching while on your shelf and highly portable once your customer buys it. Furthermore, it is easy to use, and every pack has precise instructions for use. Buy our wholesale Cali Terpenes – Monster Terpenes (1ml) and offer your customers value for their money. The wide range of uses draws a wide range of customers, and being cannabinoid free, the product is ideal for all users.


Weight 0,024 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 11 cm

Cali Terpenes

Content (ml)



THC Free

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