Cali Terpenes – Jamaican Dream terpenes (1ml)

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Cali Terpenes - Jamaican Dream terpenes (1ml)

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Weight 0,024 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 11 cm

Cali Terpenes

Content (ml)



THC Free


A Hit Of Some Caribbean Spice

Cannabis is one of the plants that contain a lot of cannabinoids and terpenes. This is why our wholesale Cali Terpenes – Jamaican Dream Terpenes is a good quality product. The terpene profile of different plant strains is one of the most significant differences between them. Individual strains are defined by the careful mix of various terpenes. These terpenes would provide the perfect hit that your customers are looking for. The terpenes work hand in hand with the cannabinoids in the buds to get an enhanced aroma and flavor. A great rule of thumb is this: cannabis is great, cannabis plus terpenes are awesome. That should some it up nicely.

Many marijuana users have no idea what terpenes are. One of the reasons you should buy this product is because of this. It would be something fresh and interesting to try for your customers, and once they do, you can be sure they won’t go back to their plain blunts. Many people have tried to capture the essence of different cannabis strains with their terpenes, but few have done a better job than Cali Terpenes with their wholesale Cali Terpenes – Jamaican Dream Terpenes (1ml). We have this masterpiece in stock, and we’ll show you why you should get it for your shop.

Top Quality Terpenes For Your Customers’ Satisfaction

This product was made with the end-user in mind. There are a ton of features it has that appeal to your customers, so you can be sure that once you make this purchase, our product won’t stay too long in your store. The first is that it is made from ingredients that are 100% natural. It is extracted from crops that are free from any pollutants, transgenics, or pesticides. They can also rest assured that there aren’t any added solvents or cannabinoids. Another thing is portability. The entire package clocks about 24 grams on a scale. This is less than one-fifth of the weight of the average smartphone. Carrying this product around would not be a problem.

The packaging is also a plus. Terpenes are highly volatile and will quickly evaporate if exposed to the air. The container has a screw cap, an anti-leakage disk, and a safety stopper to prevent this. All of this ensures that the amount of terpenes lost is small. Another advantage is concentration. The product only contains 1ml of the terpene mixture. While that may appear to be a modest amount, it is highly concentrated, so your clients would need to dilute it sufficiently to make it completely safe.

All these features make this product a top choice for your store. Don’t let this pass you by.

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