Cali Terpenes – Cheese terpenes (1ml)

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Cali Terpenes - Cheese terpenes (1ml)

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Cali Terpenes


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Hit The Mark With Cheese Terpenes

This is why our wholesale Cali Terpenes – Cheese Terpenes is one of the best products. Many cannabis users don’t know about terpenes, and they are missing out on a whole new frontier of highs because of that. These little additives to the weed make sure that your customers get the best highs that are sure to relax and thrill them simultaneously. Cannabis contains a lot of terpenes. These are the root of the euphoria felt when it is ingested. Many people think it is just the cannabidiol in it, but it is more of a joint project. The  Terpenes in cannabis bolster the flavor and enhance the highs experienced by your customers. That is why efforts have been made to capture the specific composition of different terpenes that make up the unique experience of different cannabis strains. Cali Terpenes excels in that field and their wholesale Cali Terpenes – Cheese Terpenes (1ml) is a perfect example of their expertise.

This product was made to replicate the exact composition of terpenes found in the Cheese cannabis strain. Everything from the aroma to the flavor is captured faithfully in this product, with a level of attention to detail that can only be achieved when passion is involved. If you want the right terpenes for your customers, you can’t go wrong with this product.

A Little Drop Changes A Lot

Cheese Terpenes have an intense aroma with touches of citrus and skunky flavors intertwined there. This produces a lasting heady effect that your customers won’t be able to get enough of. Not to mention the drastic increase in the hits they will get. There’s a reason why the Cheese cannabis strain has worldwide acclaim. This product takes that even further with the way it has been designed with the consumer in mind. Cali Terpenes has made sure that your customers won’t have a reason to say no to this product.

First, it is portable. Coming in a package weighing 24 grams, the problem isn’t that it would be too heavy, it’s more like it is too light. Your customers might have a problem remembering they dropped it in their breast pockets. This makes it easier to use the precious terpenes on the go. Another point is the packaging. Terpenes are volatile, so they can evaporate at the slightest opportunity, but Cali Terpenes know what they are doing. They bundled the product in a container with a safety stopper, anti-leakage disk, and screw cap. This reduces the amount of product lost through evaporation by a large amount.

Add in the concentration of the mixture, and this is a product that your customers would love to own. All you have to do is place the order.


Weight 0,024 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 11 cm

Cali Terpenes

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THC Free

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