Champ High Wooden Metal Gold Grinder 60mm – 4 Parts

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Champ High Wooden Metal Gold Grinder 60mm - 4 Parts

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Weight 1,071 kg
Dimensions 12,5 × 19 × 6,5 cm

Champ High








4 parts


For The Perfect Grind

Apart from avid boat-lovers, we doubt anyone likes canoeing, especially not cannabis enthusiasts. When a joint canoes, then you can be sure something has gone wrong. Most times, it is from improper rolling, and it is almost impossible to get a perfect roll without uniform buds. That is where our wholesale Champ High Wooden Metal Gold Grinder 60mm – 4 Parts comes in.

Our product makes sure that your customers have the smoothest grinds for the best rolls, and enjoy the process of getting them.

A Masterpiece At Grinding The Buds For The Best Feel

The first thing your customers need from a grinder is good teeth. Our product has the best, as it doesn’t take time to get the buds to the best consistency for a joint. Thanks to that, your customers can pack them tight enough to prevent the air spaces that lead to dreadful canoeing. One other functionality is kief collection. Any cannabis enthusiast knows that the kief is the best part of ground buds. These are the tiniest, most processed buds that would burn completely, and release a lot of the good stuff.

Other grinders just let the kief stick to the sides where your customers have to scrape them off. However, our wholesale Champ High Wooden Metal Gold Grinder 60mm – 4 Parts has a kief chamber where they are collected for easy access. Why let your customers stress themselves? This product is also made of top-quality materials that will stand the test of time. Made with both wood and metal, it weighs about a kilogram when unpacked, and is 60mm in diameter. This means that it is big enough to provide for all your customer’s grinding needs.

It has a classy look to it that would make your customers clamoring for it, so you should probably get it for your store. Don’t worry, it won’t last long there anyway.

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