Cool Mexican Flowers Glass Pipe

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Cool Mexican Flowers Glass Pipe

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Urban Crew

The Netherlands

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A Pipe That Is As Attractive As It Is Functional

This wholesale Cool Mexican Flowers Glass Pipe is the ideal choice if your customers are looking for a pipe that is both beautiful and practical.

Beautiful, sturdy, and long-lasting borosilicate glass was used to create this wholesale Cool Mexican Flowers Glass Pipe, which features lovely floral designs.

The pipe has a sizable bowl and a narrow tip,and can quickly become the focal point of your store or your customers’ smoking collection.

Smokers of creative herb mixes are as fussy about their pipes as they are about the sources of the herbs they use. That is why, as a smart retailer, you should stock up on this lovely Mexican Flowers Glass Pipe.

A Real Eye Catcher

This glass pipe is a fantastic eye-catcher and would make an excellent addition to your customers’ collections. It’s a lovely glass bong with Mexican flowers on the body. It measures approximately 5x13x4 cm. Made of high-quality glass that will not readily shatter or crack.

Brighten up your business with our wholesale Cool Mexican Flowers Glass Pipe, which is dressed in a kaleidoscope of beautiful designs and eye-catching hues, and give your customers another chance to stand out while they enjoy the smoking delight.

Take advantage of our special wholesale Cool Mexican Flowers glass piple offerings today and watch your profit margins skyrocket.

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Weight 0,07 kg
Dimensions 5 × 13 × 4 cm



Urban Crew



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