Happease Extracts Ice Terpenes Isolate 99.7% CBD (1g)

Happease Extracts Ice Terpenes Isolate 99.7% CBD (1g)

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Happease Extracts Ice Terpenes Isolate 99.7% CBD (1g)
In stockAvailable

In stockAvailable

Additional information:

Weight 0,064 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 cm


CBD (%)

99.7% CBD

Content (g)


Product description:

Break The Ice!

CBD isolates may not be as hyped up as other CBD products, but this extract is the perfect option for customers looking to enjoy all the benefits of pure cannabidiol. CBD isolates are obtained by passing the cannabis plant through a standard extraction process (CO2 or ethanol extraction) which removes all the active compounds from the plant. The oil extracted is further refined through a process known as winterization to produce a pure crystalline product, devoid of any compound except CBD. The crystals are sometimes ground to make it easier for your customers to use and provide them with the utmost satisfaction.

This CBD isolate is ideal for customers that want to experience taking CBD without any additional compounds in the mix. The good news is that the mild and odorless nature of this isolate makes it very versatile.

Did you know that researchers have tested and confirmed the incredible benefits of CBD? Customers can enjoy this product in different potential benefits and for a good number of purposes too, either to relieve pain or for recreational purposes, this CBD isolates are packed fill with nutrients, and bursting with goodness. It is likely to become a new favorite of your regular customers and new users would want to come back for more. Stocking up on this highly beneficial product ensures that you have enough to serve your customers.

An Extract With A Ton Of Health Benefits.

As mentioned in the previous research, CBD is known to have multiple health benefits. This Happease extract product containing 99.7% CBD is full of all those benefits. CBD has well-known uses such as pain alleviation, anxiety and stress relief, and fatigue reduction. Your clients could gain all these from taking this isolate. CBD also has neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, and anti-epileptic properties. It might help people suffering from diseases related to these benefits.

Make sure you buy your wholesale Happease Extracts Ice Terpenes Isolate 99.7% CBD today, so your clients don’t miss out on these benefits.

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