Happease Focus 5% CBD Oil Jungle Spirit (10ml)

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Happease Focus 5% CBD Oil Jungle Spirit (10ml)

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Weight 0,044 kg
Dimensions 2,5 × 2,5 × 9 cm


CBD (%)

5% CBD

Content (ml)



The Magical Drop Of Rejuvenation And Profound Clarity

Indeed, 10ml of water cannot quench thirst, just as 10ml of broth cannot satisfy hunger, whether animal or human. However, a drop from the wholesale Happease Focus 5% CBD Oil Jungle Spirit may solve the problem of confusion and distraction!

The problem of ‘keeping the mind steady and collected’ is a growing menace of the 21st century; overwhelming activities, deadlines, social distractions, and drowning bills. However, a daily dose of this magical wholesale Happease Focus CBD Oil Jungle Spirit will keep the mind afloat and decisive. The oil is a cumulative and careful processing product, a cannabidiol-based solution for all distractions.

Your customers with doubtful, disturbed, confused, or distracted minds will find a drop of the magical oil useful for rejuvenation and clarity.

Life is like a jungle, with everyone running here and there, although everything is connected. Distant events in everyday life and history are somewhat stunningly linked. Like Mother Nature does in the jungle, Happease Focus CBD Oil Jungle Spirit helps with clearer vision, sorting things out amicably while satisfying the longing for solutions to overwhelming tasks. Each drop delivers an unparalleled experience of the ‘jungle spirit.’

The jungle spirit of orderliness and purposeful rendering is present in every drop of the magical Happease Focus CBD Oil Jungle Spirit. Like a spider, one can perfectly web all confusing clues, and as it is in the jungle’s ‘cycle of life,’ understanding the purpose of every aspect of life, work and family becomes more distinct.

The minor details of life, including living and existence, become more evident with each drop of this oil.

wholesale Happease Focus 5% CBD Oil Jungle Spirit

Helping To Copy The Jungle Spirit Of Mother Nature

It can give your customers clear skin, ease localized pain, repurpose worries about pleasure, or melt them like ice before a laser beam.

The wholesale Happease Focus CBD Oil Jungle Spirit package is a pack of superhuman abilities for human responsibilities. It is a life hack to get your customers back into youthful vigor with a rejuvenating and electrifying jungle spirit.


MTC coconut oil, terpenes (pinene, limonene, myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene), and 100% hemp extract. 5% CBD. Less than 0.2%THC. No VG, PG, and nicotine

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