HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks – Blueberry Scented (6packs/display)

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HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks - Blueberry Scented (6packs/display)

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Sweet Floral Fragrances

Cannabis scented incense sticks are the new buzzword in cannabis circles. Wholesale HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks – Blueberry Scented are the perfect opportunity to give your customers something new to rave about. They are a great way to expand your cannabis accessory inventory and boost your sales.

So what exactly makes cannabis-scented incense sticks special? Well, a lot, actually. For starters, they are perfect for someone looking for a replication of the scents of different cannabis strains. Take, for instance, our Wholesale HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks – Blueberry Scented smells exactly like how you would imagine the Blueberry Strain to smell.

The Wholesale HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks – Blueberry Scented pretty much smell like straight-up blueberries. Much more specifically, they will remind your customers of ripe blueberries. This makes them perfect for your customers with a sweet tooth.

High-Quality Ingredients

When it comes to selecting the right products for your customers, quality should be your main concern. Fortunately, we got you covered in that area. Wholesale HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks – Blueberry Scented are hand-rolled using ethically sourced natural oils of the Cannabis flower. The sticks carry a remarkable lush scent that perfectly resembles the strain the oil is taken from. They are a perfect option for anyone who appreciates the scent of cannabis and is looking to create a paradise of tranquil energy.

Product Highlights

  • Cannabis Incense Sticks have a relaxing musky, earthy scent with a little bit of tang and a few blueberry undertones.
  • Perfect earthy variation for customers who appreciate the myrrh fragrance.
  • Slow glow with a burn time of at least 20 minutes per stick
  • Each pack contains 15 incense Sticks.

The aromas that are produced by Wholesale HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks – Blueberry Scented are nothing short of captivating. Their lush scent originates from the powerful terpenes contained in the high-quality carrier oil. The sticks also carry several other components, including essential oils, herbs, fragrance oils, flowers, and resins.

The Wholesale HaZe Cannabis Incense Sticks – Blueberry Scented carry an intense smell of tart, pungent berries. Oddly enough, this smell changes with time to something that resembles the common Purple Thai strain. This gives the aroma a continuing complexity that will appeal to your more discerning customers. If anything, the smell loses its resemblance to blueberries over time to adopt a strangely musky, spicy quality.


Weight 0,245 kg
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 30 cm
Pieces per display

6 pieces




THC Free

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