Joint Holders Tubes Mixed Colors (48pcs/display)

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Joint Holders Tubes Mixed Colors (48pcs/display)

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Weight 0,385 kg
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 12 cm

Champ High

Pieces per display

48 pieces






Keep Your Pre-Rolls Safe With These Plastic Joint Holder Tubes!

At least diversify your packaging. Joint tubes have many advantages for consumers, which is why marijuana connoisseurs love them so much. Wholesale Joint Holders Tubes Mixed Colors (48pcs/display) tubes protect rolls from damage while also keeping them fresh. Yes, your cardboard carton also protects the joints inside, but does it keep them fresh? No, it doesn’t. They are Waterproof, smell-proof, and airtight, no matter where you go, you can bring them for emergency cash or your customers’ small valuables with peace of mind when on the go. It also can be used to hold seasonings for BBQ, picnics, etc. With multiple designs available, you are able to pick out the ones best for you! Plastic joint containers improve the freshness and longevity of your customer’s pre-rolls for them. While some people may spark up as soon as they leave your customers’ cannabis dispensary, many people buy joint-filled doab tubes in bulk to have a steady supply at home.

Colorful and Practical

The caps that go on top of the tubes are very important. Some people will opt for lids that are deliberately difficult for children to open, others will just want a high-quality plastic tube. We can allow cannabis businesses such as cannabis grow and process facilities and dispensaries to carry a range of tubes. The tubes we stock are either see-through or opaque. Cheap joint holders are made of plastic and your customers can choose from a few different colors. Most of the joint tubes are transparent so your customers can see through. Due to the shape and size, only the smallest one-hitters fit inside. Cheap joint tubes are fantastic for all home-rolled joints. No more worries about breaking your rolled joints or getting them squashed. They are safe in one of the plastic joint holders.

Buying wholesale joint tubes and wholesale blunt tubes have never been easier, thanks to our extensive collection of joint packaging. The process is made even easier by the fact that many of our pre-roll containers can also be used as blunt tube containers. It could be the case that you need a specific child-resistant or plastic tube. We even offer a cork design. Corkscrews can be a fantastic way to create an airtight seal to keep the smell inside and also stop the elements from getting to your customers’ cannabis. The plastic Joint Holder is Perfect for last-minute purchases that may have otherwise been forgotten.

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