Hashy Hash Juice Glass Bong 19cm

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Wholesale Hashy Hash Juice Glass Bong

The Wholesale Hashy Hash Juice Glass Bong (Dab Ring) is a cool way to filter your dab hits. It’s 7.5 inches tall, and is made to be filled with water so it filters the vapors for more flavorful and smoother hits. They’re in cool juicebox-like designs, so it’s fun to show them off to friends and family. The small size of this glass dab rig makes it easy to take anywhere – it’s perfect as a travel water pipe. To smoke your dabs you heat up the glass nail, attach the bowl then add your wax or concentrate and pull on the straw from time to time.

  • Glass Dab Nail
  • Height: 7.5″

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Weight 0,288 kg
Dimensions 6 × 11 × 22 cm

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