Prof Crazy Skulls Windproof Blue Flame Lighters (12pcs/display)

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Prof Crazy Skulls Windproof Blue Flame Lighters (12pcs/display)

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A Steady-burning Lighter

The Prof brand is here again with their hand-held Crazy Skulls Windproof lighters. These lighters are designed to give a steady and powerful blue flame that can reach temperatures of up to 2000F! Simply, squeeze the lighter trigger with ease to activate this powerful blue flame that can work at any angle despite the weather conditions! Your customers can comfortably use these lighters outdoors for camping trips, lighting up campfires more easily than the rest. 

An Eco-friendly And Safe Choice

These lighters use properly refined isobutane as fuel in order to ensure a much cleaner and safer emission. They are of lower risk to the ozone layer as opposed to other low-grade disposable lighters that use butane instead, giving off a strong and bad-smelling odour when used. They can also be refilled easily, preventing unnecessary littering of lighters after use.  

These lighters are built with high safety standard materials allowing your customers’ maximum safety during use. Its containers are built to be sturdy and insulate heat, avoiding cracking or accidental explosions, also affording comfort and preventing transmission of heat during use. 

With an easy-to-use regulator, your customers can easily adjust the length of the flame, depending on whatever use they intend for it. Their cool designs also make them catchy and appealing to the eyes. 

So jump in on this amazing discount offer and get our wholesale Prof Crazy Skulls Windproof Blue Flame Lighters (or all your customers. 


Weight 1,009 kg
Dimensions 15 × 19 × 12 cm


Pieces per display

12 pieces





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