Champ High Skull Wind Flame Lighters (12pcs/display)

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Champ High Skull Wind Flame Lighters (12pcs/display)

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How Do You Define Originality Without Defining Originality

There’s just one answer. With our amazing wholesale Champ High Skull Wind Flame Lighters, of course! The Champ High brand are the kings of originality, churning out exquisitely designed lighters for all your customers’ tastes. They have come again with these one-of-a-kind skull lighters.

The details on these lighters are crazy. Your customers will find it hard to believe they are simply plastic lighters and not sculptures made by a high-profile artist. They will appreciate the skull design of these lighters, making it easier for them to grip the product. The plastic container is also very lightweight so as not to add to the general weight of the product.
These wholesale Champ High Skull Wind Flame Lighters measure 11cm by 6.5cm, which means they can contain enough gas to last a while for your customers. Stock up on this piece and watch as customers fall in love with it.

It Doesn’t Skimp On Functionality

With these lighters, nothing is overlooked. They pack a boatload of features that your customers will instantly appreciate. The jet flame fire these lighters emit is wind-proof and can be used even in motion because passing winds will not affect them. That makes them perfect for use outdoors as your customers are sure these lighters will not suddenly turn off.

The wholesale Champ High Skull Wind Flame Lighters also have a lock that customers with children will appreciate. They just have to slide the lock, and this high-end lighter will become child-proof. Additionally, customers do not need to stress when turning on the lighter. Just an easy push of a button, and voila! Jet-blue flames will stream out of these beauties.

These lighters also sport an adjustable flame slide. This means customers can decide how low or high they want the flames to go. Since these jet flames are not affected by wind, they will still be safe from harm as the flame will always be in a straight stream. All these features in just one lighter. You cannot possibly let this customer magnet go without getting some from us.

They are even refillable! Yes, your customers will not need to keep buying new lighters when the old one finishes, adding to their carbon footprint. Instead, they can easily refill their lighters with butane gas, a gas with lower toxicity and a cleaner burn than other popular gases like propane.

Buy our wholesale Champ High Skull Wind Flame Lighters from us at affordable prices today.


Weight 1,354 kg
Dimensions 13 × 20 × 22 cm

Champ High

Pieces per display

12 pieces





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