Champ High Double-Flame Booster Windproof Metal Lighters (9pcs/display)

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Champ High Double-Flame Booster Windproof Metal Lighters (9pcs/display)

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Lighters For Champions!

Do you know that giddy feeling people get when they win something? Well, your customers will leave your store with that same feeling when they buy our wholesale Champ High Double-Flame Booster Windproof Metal Lighters from you. These Champ High lighters feature a double flame function which increases the heating area of whatever your customers want to heat, therefore improving the quality and effect of heat. The flame produced is a high output flame, enhancing the heating effect. So your customers can have a clean, high-precision flame with just the push of a button, quick and easy.

These lighters are highly flexible as your customers can use them in their homes for indoor and outdoor activities and when camping. Customers can also use these wholesale Champ High Double-Flame Booster Windproof Metal Lighters for art and craft applications.

The butane fuel that powers the flame allows your customers to aim it in any direction of their choice, making these lighters more durable. It is refillable, so your customers never have to worry about the life span of these lighters, as all they would need to do is find a place to refill it or even have with them portable butane gas.

Safety and Convenience Guaranteed

These beautifully designed lighters are made of high-quality materials that don’t allow the butane fuel to leak out. So your customers are safe from accidental fires and explosions. The materials are also heat resistant, ensuring the lighters last long without burning up.

These wholesale Champ High Double-Flame Booster Windproof Metal Lighters have an ergonomic design that will protect your customers’ fingers from being burned during use. They also sport a child-proof lock that makes these lighters safe when not in use. These lighters give healthy, flawless, and prominent flames, with lesser toxicities than other lighters fueled by propane or even lighters with impure butane. Your customers are assured of a cleaner flame with the refined and pure butane fuel used in these lighters.

These lighters also have a flame lock-on for continuous hands-free operation. All your customers have to do is press the ignition button to ignite the fire and then lock the flame lock-on simultaneously, which will keep the flame burning. So your customers can use these lighters for a long time without cramping their fingers by constantly pressing the ignition button. Your customers will find them very comfortable as these lighters have a user-friendly design that permits convenience.

If your customers’ satisfaction and safety are of significant priority to you, check out our wholesale Champ High Double-Flame Booster Windproof Metal Lighters and be sure to purchase them.


Weight 1,630 kg
Dimensions 13 × 20 × 23 cm

Champ High

Pieces per display

9 pieces





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