Champ High Colorful Skull Wind Flame Lighters (12pcs/display)

12 pieces
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In stockAvailable

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Transparent and Still Beautiful

Everyone has got differences in what they prefer in design. But trust us when we say that all your customers will love these wholesale Champ High Skull Wind Flame Lighters.

What’s not to love? These lighters have a unique skull design in a transparent container that your customers can see into. The liquid butane is seen in beautiful colours of red and blue mesmerising your customers. These containers are equally very easy to grip because of the details on the skull design, preventing them from slipping out of customers’ hands.

Measuring 11 by 6.5cm, these products will last a while for your customer. Their size makes them small enough to fit into a bag if customers want to carry them for a trip or outing. In addition, the container for the gas is made of lightweight and sturdy plastic that doesn’t add to the product’s overall weight.

Your customers are going to love these wholesale Champ High Skull Wind Flame Lighters. Stock up now.

When Practicality Weds Design

The Champ High brand is known for its bold and novel lighters with designs that are out of this world. But it doesn’t just end there. All their lighters are carefully produced and have designs incorporating features your customers will be excited about.

These products have a particular feature that customers with children will find extremely useful. The lighters sport a child-proof lock that can make this cool lighter safer for kids. Customers also don’t have to worry about stressing themselves when turning on the lighter; all it takes is a simple push of a button, and these beauties will erupt in a shower of jet-blue flames.

The jet flame from these wholesale Champ High Skull Wind Flame Lighters is wind-proof and can be used even while moving because it is unaffected by passing breeze. This makes them ideal for outdoor use because your customers can rest assured that the lighters will not abruptly go out. The flame emitted is also designed to be adjustable because these products sport an adjustable slide. Now, customers can choose whether the fire should be low or high. Because these jet flames are not impacted by wind, they will remain safe and protected because the flame will always be in a steady stream.

You will also love these refillable lighters because they come packaged in a display box, so you do not need to start wondering how to display them in your store. Get our wholesale Champ High Skull Wind Flame Lighters at discount prices today.

Data Sheet

Weight 1,328 kg
Dimensions 13 × 20 × 22 cm

Champ High

Pieces per display

12 pieces


Red, Blue