Prof Lighters Single Blueflame Camouflage Skull (20pcs/display)

20 pieces
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In stockAvailable

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For That Professional Flame

No matter how your customers plan on taking their cannabis, they’ll have to light it first. Unless they plan on using CBD supplements, then a lighter would be their best buddy in all cannabis forays. So, as a reseller, your job is to provide them with the best product that can work for them perfectly and give them the best experience, while being classy at the same time.

That might seem like a large bill to fit, but in our store, we’ve got some options that would amaze you. One of them is our wholesale Prof Capsule Camouflage One B lighter. This superb product is made by Prof, one of the leading lighter manufacturing companies in the world. These people have made many masterpieces and solidified their hold on the lighter industry by creating compact, easy-to-use and refillable products that give a great experience to the end user. Our product is no different. You can’t go wrong when you choose a PROF capsule lighter for your store. Your customers would love them.

Slim And compact, But Still Packs A Punch

Customers who want a superb lighter without having to worry about the environmental impact of frequent disposal will love this lighter. Beautiful aesthetics, as well as client safety, are all priorities for the developers at Prof.

Each display contains 20 pieces, which come in a range of colors for your customers to select from. They have an easy-to-use yet distinctive design that makes handling it much easier than traditional lighters. This camouflage variant would appeal to the more outgoing of your customers, but everyone would love to use one of them too.

It’s 90% cheaper to refill a lighter than it is to buy a disposable one, which is why it has a built-in refillable tank to save money. Not only is it more cost effective to get one, but it is the greener thing to do, as your customers would save the oil and lighter bottles they’d have thrown out if they were using disposable lighters.

The compact shape of this lighter is another plus, as it makes it easier for your customers to carry it around for lighting on the go. Refillable lighters are usually more cumbersome than disposable ones, but with this product, the sacrifice of portability is not so much.

You can get this amazing product from us at this low price with the taps of a few buttons. Satisfy your customers’ need for stylish, functional and eco-friendly lighters by purchasing our product today.

Data Sheet

Weight 0,875 kg
Dimensions 13 × 19 × 8 cm


Pieces per display

20 pieces