Puffco Plus Portable Vaporizer Silver

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Puffco Plus Portable Vaporizer Silver

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Wholesale Puffco Plus Portable Vaporizer

The Wholesale Puffco Plus Portable Vaporizer is the most awarded and flavorful concentrate vape pen. Made of medical grade silicone, this innovative device combines a loading tool, splash guard, and carb cap in one simple step. Draw the dart down to its extension point, scoop the concentrates, then replace the cap to vape. If you have high quality concentrates, there’s no better mobile vaporizer for dabbing than the Plus!

Wholesale Puffco Plus Portable Vaporizer Characteristics

  • MOUTHPIECE / MASTERPIECE: The mouthpiece is both a heavy-duty carb cap and can be pressurized to act as a splash guard. It’s easy to load when your mouthpiece tip is extended, making the process clean and fuss free.
  • COIL-LESS CERAMIC BOWL: You won’t find a pressure-sealed version like ours anywhere else. It evenly heats your oils instead of scorching them with coils and helps to maximize the flavor.
  • 3 HEAT SETTINGS: Thanks to its three heat settings, you have the freedom to select the best mode for your personal use. Whether you want a light flavorful hit or an intense large smoke cloud, this vaporizer will accommodate your needs.
  • SESH-MODE FUNCTIONALITY: Puffco created a 12-second continuous heat mode by double tapping the button, rather than having to hold it.

Specifications of the product

  • Coil-less ceramic bowl
  • Built in extendable loading tool
  • Built in carb cap
  • 3 heat settings
  • Sesh-mode functionality
  • Fast charging / long battery life
  • Precision machined alloy housing
  • Fingerprint resistant coating

What’s inside the Wholesale Puffco Plus

  • Puffco plus device
  • Cleaning swabs
  • Usb supercharger


Weight 0,200 kg
Dimensions 4,5 × 7,5 × 16,5 cm




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