RAW Magnetic Cone Snuffer (6pcs/display)

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The Couch For Your Customers’ Joints

Joints need a sanctuary while their users are having fantastic experiences. The Magnetic Cone Snuffer by RAW is the perfect harbor for your customers’ lit joints. This masterpiece comes with a large central opening for snuffing out lit joints. Simply placing the lit part of their joint into the Snuffer is enough to extinguish it immediately.

Customers can also place their joints horizontally on top of the snuffer when they want to take a break for a bit. But they don’t need to worry about making a mess. This exquisite product has a magnet below that helps it stick to any metal carrier or ashtray available. It also comes with two round tap points by the side which helps users remove excess ashes from their joints. This product is so convenient that customers will fall in love with it after their first use. Buy our wholesale RAW Magnetic Cone Snuffer (6pcs/display)  at lower prices today. This product comes with its own display box.

It Was Made To Be Carried Around, Anytime.

RAW Cone Snuffer has an out body that doesn’t conduct heat, so customers can easily carry it without getting burnt. This snuffer is not just suitable for extinguishing joints but also for safekeeping. Customers will say goodbye to losing rolled joints when you stock this product for them. It has a reasonably deep base (1.5 and 1.25 inches) that can adequately hold any joint. RAW all-in-one Cone Snuffer is a game-changer that will magnet your customers. Place a wholesale order and get them at a lower price now!


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Weight 0,493 kg
Dimensions 15,5 × 11 × 5,2 cm